Albatross Skin

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cogThe first professional skin of XWiki
TypeSkin (filesystem)
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XWiki Development Team

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LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1

XWiki 1.0 - 1.2


This skin is no longer maintained by the XWiki development team. Starting with XWiki 3.2 it's not bundled by default anymore. Use it at your own risk! In practice there's a high chance it may not work anymore in recent versions of XWiki and needs to have some adjustements to work well.


The Albatross Skin was XWiki's first professional skin, used by default between XWiki 1.0 and 1.2.


Action Menu

The deleted page recovery dialog box.

The action menu includes both the Delete and the Rename features.

  • Clicking on "Rename" will prompt you to choose the new space you would like your page to belong to in a drop-down menu. You have to type in the new name of your page and confirm the rename action. Your page has now changed its name and its URL. Every link on your wiki has been updated accordingly.
  • Clicking on "Delete" will ask you to confirm that you actually want to delete the page. Once deleted, the page will appear in a dialog box that will allow you to bring it back if needed.

Simple/Advanced Mode

You can switch to simple or advanced mode on your profile page.

The albatross skin lets users choose between a simple and an advanced mode. This setting can be changed by an user right on his profile page. Here are their main characteristics:

  • Simple mode: Users see only a limited number of options (the edit button does not have a drop-down menu, the number of "show" options is restricted). This mode is recommended for first-time wiki users that do not want to get into administration or programming matters.
  • Advanced mode: This is the mode used by XWiki Developers & Programmers. It offers a greater scope of options to choose from, particularly under the edit button menu. For instance, it provides direct access to the Object & Class edit features.

Page Edit View

When editing a page, the view an user accesses depends on the mode he has chosen. If he / she is in simple mode, only 3 tabs can be seen (Wiki, WYSIWYG & Page Rights) while when in advanced mode 3 more tabs are available (Objects, History & Class).

Full Screen Mode

The blue symbol lets you access full-screen edit mode.

The full-screen mode lets users benefit from the whole width of their screen while editing wiki pages. You can access it while editing a page by clicking on the double blue symbol at the top right of the edition box.

Prerequisites & Installation Instructions

  • If the skin is packaged in a ZIP file, unzip it into the skins/ directory inside your expanded XWiki WAR directory. 
  • If the skin is packaged as a XAR file, import the XAR in your wiki.
  • Then check the Skin User Guide to learn how to set the skin.

Release Notes


Latest version of the skin at the time when it was deprecated and moved out of the XWiki Platform (i.e. when the XWiki Development Team stopped supporting it).

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