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This plugin is a set of convenient methods to deals with "Applications" documents descriptors.

Application descriptor contains :

  • application name : Simply the name of the application.
  • application version : Version of the application. Just an information, it is not really used yet.
  • text description : A test description of application and what it can be used for.
  • plugins dependencies (not used yet) : The goal of this information is to permit to check if all xwiki java plugins needed are here.
  • others applications dependencies : An application can need other application to work. For exemple "Application Manager App" need "XWikiApplicationClass App".
  • documents application contains : The documents that compose the applications except documents already seted in applications dependencies.
  • translations documents : The documents used for resolve translation strings. It'is used an application installation to update XWikiPreferences "documentBundles" field.
  • documents to include in place of copy : Used in case of wiki template mainly. Documents listed here will ne copied in the new wiki but with overloaded contents that include the template wiki one

ex :

  • documents to link in place of copy (not used yet) : same concept as include overload at copy but here with a real link. It means when editing the wiki document, it in fact the linked document located in the template wiki that is edited. This is not used for now as these feature (real link) does not exist in XWiki yet.

Current features :

  • create new application descriptor
  • delete application descriptor
  • export application based on XWiki Package internal plugin
  • import application based on XWiki Package internal plugin
  • support applications dependencies
  • support documents share between wikis base in content import
  • support translations documents

You can see last release note to here.


Before 3.3

You can access the plugin API using


Since 3.3

The plugin way of accessing the API is still valid if you registered the plugin in xwiki.cfg but the recommended way is now



This is mainly written to be used by Application Manager Application.

Prerequisites & Installation Instructions

Before 3.3

Follow these steps:

  • Add the JAR in your container classpath (WEB-INF/lib)
  • Edit xwiki.cfg and add the following line to the list of plugins :
           ... ,\
         <plugin package>
  • Restart your container
  • Verify the plugin is properly installed by typing the following in a wiki page :
    $xwiki.<plugin name>.name

    If the installation has been successful, you will see <plugin name>.

The <plugin name> for Application Manager is applicationmanager.

Since 3.3

  • Add the JAR in your container classpath (WEB-INF/lib)

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