• Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2012/01/28 18:59

    Cool macro. One idea would be to generate a livetable instead of a static table. This would allow to sort and filter all columns. It would also allow to scale if the page has a lot of attachments.

    • Raluca Stavro
      Raluca Stavro, 2012/01/30 16:28

      I was actually thinking of improving this macro and use livetable instead of a static table. I'm planning to add a new version of this macro pretty soon.

  • Shawn Mole
    Shawn Mole, 2017/01/17 23:46

    I am attempting to use this macro to assemble lists of attachments from several pages into a single wiki page. This would require either using several instances of the "attachments" macro, or using several "include" macros to embed the attachment from separate pages. Either way, I receive the following error on every live table after the first:

    The environment prevents the table from loading data.

    And the first live table generally shows attachments from one of the other attached pages. 

    I'm hoping someone has some advice on how to show attachments from multiple pages on a single page, or can simply confirm that this is not currently possible. 

    • Marius Dumitru Florea
      Marius Dumitru Florea, 2017/01/18 09:31

      Try the 3.2 version of the macro, that I just uploaded. It should fix your problem.

      • Shawn Mole
        Shawn Mole, 2017/01/18 18:58

        Marius, the update seems to work great! I'm using up to 5 macros on a page, all targeting different documents with unique preferences, and don't see any error messages or issues.

        Thanks a lot for the tremendously fast response. 

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