• ptguillot
    ptguillot, 2007/11/13 16:35

    I'd like to create the page called 'New Blog Post' in a specific page which permit to had a post in a blog page. I'm not an expert in Velocity but I can't find the code to initiate de "Create Button" ? where should this button target ?? Bonjour, je voudrais ajouter le code de la partie 'New Blog Post' dans une page. malheureusement je ne trouve pas quelle synthaxe je dois implementer pour le bouton create : je recupere bien la valeur du input mais ensuite ??? d'avance merci. Encore bravo pour le boulot réalisé sur xwiki !

  • shuehne
    shuehne, 2010/04/20 13:39

    I tried to create a few of different Blogs in one space. Everytime the result was the same: created blogs contained exactly the same content like the existing one...anyone an idea?? Thanks in advance!

  • Sergiu Dumitriu
    Sergiu Dumitriu, 2010/04/20 13:42

    You can't create several blogs in one space. You should either:

    • create blogs in different spaces, one per space
    • use categories to split document in the same space in different threads
  • Florian Schmidt
    Florian Schmidt, 2014/04/04 14:14

    Hi together...

    Is it possible to hide the "Create new Post" for a specified user who has only reading rights?

    • Vincent Massol
      Vincent Massol, 2014/04/04 14:18

      Hi Florian,

      Please ask questions on the XWiki mailing list/forum. ATM the Blog app only shows the "Create new post" for users who have edit rights on the page.

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