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60 60  On the "Select Macro" step of the Macro Wizard the deprecated and internal macros are hidden from the "All Macros" category that is selected by default. If you need to use a deprecated or internal macro you need to select the corresponding category explicitly. On the Edit Macro step the mandatory parameters and those that have an explicit value set are shown first. The rest of the macro parameters are collapsed under a "More" section.
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62 +=== Office Import ===
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64 +You can import office files using a dedicated button from the tool bar. The files are uploaded and attached to the edited page and their content (including images) is inserted in the content of the page. You have the option to filter the styles and to use the [[Office Viewer macro>>extensions:Extension.Office Macro]].
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66 +{{gallery}}
67 +image:ckeditor-office-toolbar.png
68 +image:ckeditor-office-modal.png
69 +{{/gallery}}
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71 +This feature requires the Office Server to be connected. See the [[Office Importer Application>>extensions:Extension.Office Importer Application]] documentation for more information.
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62 62  === Custom Styles ===
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64 64  We customized the Styles drop down from the tool bar to include only the styles that make sense in XWiki. We added new styles for tables, images and paragraphs that are specific to the XWiki skin.

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