• Patrick Masson
    Patrick Masson, 2014/05/20 20:10

    Is there any way to specific the column witdths within the container?

    For example:

    {{container layoutStyle="columns" column1="75%"  column2="25%"}}
    (((first column)))
    (((second column)))
    • Vincent Massol
      Vincent Massol, 2014/05/20 22:29

      Normally you'd use a StyleSheetExtension object and use something like:

      .column .first-column {

      However this may not work because your SSX may be loaded after the columns.css which is loaded dynamically by the Container Macro. And thus the the width defined in columns.css will override whatever value you have put.

      Unfortunately at this point there's no priority for JSX/SSX and it's not possible to order them....

      However by using CSS precedence rules we can trick our way in emoticon_smile

      Use this in your SSX (for example):

      div.container-columns  div.first-column {
      div.container-columns  div.last-column {

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