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LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1
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XWiki Enterprise, XWiki Enterprise Manager


Tested with XE 3.3+


The main features of the Dashboard application are:

  • A Main Dashboard located in the Dashboard space (Dashboard.WebHome)
  • A default Space Dashboard that you can use in your spaces
  • Ability for users to create their own dashboard
  • Ability for users to view their own dashboard when going to the Main Dashboard page
  • Ability to create new Dashboards on any page
The Dashboard Application uses the Dashboard Macro. To learn how to edit a Dashboard check the documentation for the Dashboard Macro.

Main Dashboard


By default this application provides a Main Dashboard located in the Dashboard space (Dashboard.WebHome). To change its content go to Dashboard.WebHome and click the Edit button.

User Dashboard


User Dashboard allows you to have a customized Dashboard in your profile and optionally displayed on the Main Dashboard.

Access Your Personal Dashboard

In order to define your own dashboard, click on the Icon from the Navigation Bar.

In your user profile page, you will see a new tab named My dashboard.


The dashboard can be customized by adding gadgets and columns. To do so, click on the yellow pen in the top right corner of the section Dashboard preferences. This will make the tab "My dashboard" available for editing in Inline mode and you will notice 2 green buttons: "Add Gadget" and "Add Column".


Display a Personal Dashboard as the Main Dashboard

To display your personal dashboard instead of the default one in the Dashboard space, go to your user profile and click on the tab "My dashboard". In the section "Dashboard preferences", click on the yellow pen in the top right corner. You will then see a drop-down list just below the text "Replace the default dashboard with my custom dashboard". 


To complete, choose "Yes", then save the page. If you navigate to the Main Dashboard, you should see your personal dashboard.

To reverse this operation, hover the Profile menu and click on "My dashboard". In your user profile page, locate the "Dashboard preferences" text area, then click on the yellow pen in the top right corner, in order to open the tab "My dashboard" in Inline mode. Next, choose "No" in the drop-down list just below the text "Replace the default dashboard with my custom dashboard" and save the page to complete the changes. 

Default Space Dashboard

A default dashboard is provided for spaces. To use it on a page (usually a good place is to put it on the Space home page (WebHome page), edit the page and use:

{{dashboard source="Dashboard.SpaceDashboardTemplate"/}}

To edit the default gadgets displayed on the Space Dashboard, go to Dashboard.SpaceDashboardTemplate, click Edit and add/remove/edit gadgets.

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Created by Vincent Massol on 2011/11/16 14:59

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