• JorisDirks
    JorisDirks, 2010/05/25 09:31

    One function I am missing is putting multiple references (e.g. twice the <sup>2</sup>) to the same footnote

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez, 2013/06/21 23:15

    I believe the Footnote Macro renders using XWiki 2.0 syntax even if used in a document with XWiki 2.1 syntax.  I made this conclusion when attempting to place an anchor link in a footnote using XWiki 2.1 syntax (...||anchor="elementID"...).  It didn't work, so I tried using pre-2.1 anchor syntax (...#elementID...).  That worked.  I'm not sure if this was caused by something specific to my XWiki instance (outdated macros.vm?).  Just thought I'd share in case anyone else ran into this.

    • Thomas Mortagne
      Thomas Mortagne, 2013/06/22 09:27

      Would be great if you could create a bug on https://jira.xwiki.org.

      • Daniel Rodriguez
        Daniel Rodriguez, 2013/07/09 03:20

        I created a bug on JIRA.

        I also found a simpler workaround for this bug.  If you include {{putFootnotes/}} at the end of a document, the footnotes will render properly with XWiki 2.1 syntax.

  • Steven Dykman
    Steven Dykman, 2014/02/06 10:16

    I second Joris Dirks' comment about multiple references on a page to one single footnote. A method for doing that in Tex is described here: http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/35043/reference-different-places-to-the-same-footnote. I hope a similar concept of (optionally) labelling and then referencing footnotes is in the planning for XWiki too. Don't know where to put suggestions other than here... hope it gets picked up!

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