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This Radeox Macro has been deprecated and in XWiki Syntax 2.0 the image syntax should be used instead.

The image must be added as an attachment. The location/page of the image is configurable (by document and fromIncludingDoc). Can also make the image to link to the image file.



Parameters definition

NameOptionalAllowed valuesDefault valuesDescription
imagerequiredany image attachment name or an absolute URL to the image Name of the image attachment file. An absolute URL, starting with http://, may also be used.
heightyespixels or %100%Image height
widthyespixels or %100%Image width
alignyestop, bottom, middle, left, right Alignment of image
halignyesfloatleft, floatright, left, center, right Alignment of image (using style sheet)
document staryesdocument name within the wikicurrent documentDocument that contains the image attachment
altyestext Short image description
linkyesEmpty(just end with =) Turns the image into a download link for the image
fromIncludingDoc staryesEmpty(just end with =) Fetch the image from the parent document that included the current document. This is useful for templates, for example.

star Use either document or fromIncludingDoc. Parameter fromIncludingDoc is ignored if both are specified.



{image:gamesigns.jpg|height=256|width=128|halign=floatleft} This is a really nice picture.

{image:gamesigns.jpg|height=10%|width=10%|alt=Street Corner|link=}

{image:gamesigns.jpg|height=10%|width=10%|alt=Street Corner|link=}

{image:xwikisas.png|document=Main.Supporters} This image comes from Main.Supporters document



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$extensionCompatibility.getProperty('extensionVersion').getValue()$extensionCompatibility.getProperty('xwikiFlavor').getValue() $extensionCompatibility.getProperty('xwikiFlavorVersion').getValue()
Created by melvng on 2007/02/05 22:12

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