feedProvide a macro implemented with the Notifications Application to keep a backward compatibility with Activity Stream.
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This applications provides a {{activity/}} macro that take the same parameters than the old Activity Macro But the underlying feature is handled by the Notifications Application

This has been made for retro-compatibility reason only. You should use the Notifications Macro instead.
If you decide to install the old Activity Macro, the present extension will automatically be uninstalled, to avoid a conflict with the macro names. To bring back the Legacy Notification Activity Macro, you need first to uninstall the Activity Stream Application and then reinstall the Legacy Notification Activity Macro.


NameOptionalAllowed valuesDefault valueDescription
entriesyesString set to a numerical value20Number of entries to display the activity for
subentriesyesString set to a numerical value10Number of activities to show for each entry
wikisyesList of strings
  • On the main wiki: all wikis where the user has the view rights
  • On other wikis: the current wiki
spacesyesList of stringsAll spaces when not specifiedComma separated list of local serialized references of the spaces to display the activity for
authorsyesList of stringsAll authors when not specifiedComma separated list of authors whose modifications to show
tagsyesList of strings Comma separated list of tags to display activity for
minoryesString set to "true" or "false"falseWhether to show modifications that create minor versions or not
rssyesString set to "true" or "false"falseWhether to show activity rss link or not
Created by Guillaume Delhumeau on 2018/10/10 13:11

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