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1 -xwiki:XWiki.Admin
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20 20  |withPageName|true|true/false|true|adds a 'wiki page name' to the excel sheet
21 21  |withPageURL|true|true/false|true|adds a 'wiki page URL' to the excel sheet
22 22  |withAllFields|true|true/false|false|forces the display of all the fields of the class in the exported excel (regardless of the columns displayed in the livetable)
23 +
24 +== Note on the scalability ==
25 +
26 +Note that this tool exports all the results from the livetable, while upon display on screen the results are paginated. Because of this, the time it takes will depend on the number of entries you have __in total__ in your livetable. Depending on your application server settings, you might have a server (the servlet container or another http server in front - like apache) return an Internal server error before the export is done and thus the export will not work. However, the performance depends on so many factors related to the server setup and the data exported, that is is almost impossible to give generic number that would make sense.
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