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cogDraws styled boxes around wiki content
Developed by

Asiri Rathnayake

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LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1


This wiki macro allows drawing styled boxes around wiki content. Layout of these styled boxes are different from that of Box Macro generated boxes and the look and feel of these boxes can be centrally controlled by editing the associated style sheet extension attached to the wiki macro document. Also, MBox macro can be easily extended to create new sub macros for convenience.


Wiki macros are only available for XE versions greater than 2.0M2

You can install the MBox macro by downloading the XAR bundle and importing it to your wiki with programming rights. Note that if you are running an XWiki farm, the installation needs to happen on the main wiki.


{{mbox title="A Title"}}
Any **xwiki** content.

Parameters Definition

NameOptionalDefault ValueDescription
titleNoNoneTitle of the box (to be displayed on top of the content)
subTitleYesNoneAn optional sub-title to further describe the content
iconYesxwiki:[email protected]A 22x22 pixel image to be displayed on top-left corner of the box (Eg. wiki:[email protected])
widthYesautoWidth of the box, can be any css width specification (Eg. 75%)
colorYes#CCCC99Background color of the box, can be any css color specification (Eg. red)


{{mbox title="A Title" subTitle="An Optional **Sub-Title**" width="75%"}}
Any **xwiki** content.




Please refer to this blog post for more examples and information on customizing the MBox macro.

Tested on

This extension has been tested with the following configurations.

Extension VersionXWiki FlavorNotes
XWiki Enterprise 6.0.1

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