JIRA Macro (Radeox)

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2016/06/05 21:59

Displays JIRA issues from a JIRA RSS feed.

This is a very old macro using a very old and deprecated technology (Radeox). If you're looking for a JIRA macro check this one out.

This macro is freely inspired by the jiraissues macro provided for Atlassian Confluence. It is simply used to display easily an issue list.

You just have to provide the JIRA Feed URL (The ''XML'' link on the JIRA issues pages) in order to display nicely the feed within XWiki.


urlThe JIRA URL Feedtrueno default value
columnsThe columns that should be displayedfalseType,Key,Summary
titleOverride the feed title (to be displayed on the top)falseUse the feed title
countDisplay the issues countfalsetrue

Columns accepted values (case is not significant) :

  • Type: Issue type (Bug, New Feature, ...)
  • Key: Issue Identifier (EZB-114)
  • Resolution: Is issue resolved ?
  • Status: Issues state (Open, Closed, ...)
  • Summary: Short description of the issue
  • Reporter: Name of the person who report that issue
  • Assignee: Name of the person who should work on that issue




  • Requires JDK 1.4 only (Requires JDK 1.5 now)
  • Configuration capabilities
  • Add more tests emoticon_smile


  1. Download the jar attached to this page and drop it into your XWiki install/working directory, in WEB-INF/lib/.
  2. Download and activate the Swizzle plugin in the XWiki configuration
  3. Restart your XWiki instance and ...
  4. ... You're done !

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