• Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2011/10/04 11:01

    Nice Macro. IMO the filename param should be "filename" (no uppercase "F") to follow all existing macros. Actually even better could be to call it "attachment" since this is what is used in the Office Macro.

    Also why not call it simply {{pdf/}}?

    • Guillaume Lerouge
      Guillaume Lerouge, 2011/10/04 11:31

      I used "Filename" so that it looks good in the WYSIWYG editor interface.

      As for the name, other ways to embed PDF files could exist (using a flash-based displayer for instance) so I wanted to use a specific name.

      • Vincent Massol
        Vincent Massol, 2011/10/04 11:33

        1) The wysiwyg editor automatically creates uppercases... emoticon_smile
        2) Your name doesn't mention anything about the technology: Embed can be done with flash, html5, openoffice, etc

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