• Stefan Leon Orzu
    Stefan Leon Orzu, 2011/06/27 15:58

    XWiki.SchedulerJobClass is missing from the XAR. The app is installed without it.

    • Jerome
      Jerome, 2012/07/07 01:41

      Hi Stefan. the Scheduler job class is provided with XWiki.

  • Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2011/10/07 12:57

    I get the following error in XE 3.2-SNAPSHOT when clicking on the "Preferences" link on the Reader space home page:


    The exception is:

    Caused by: org.apache.velocity.exception.ParseErrorException: Lexical error: org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser.TokenMgrError: Lexical error at line 1, column 97.  Encountered: <EOF> after : ""
    at org.apache.velocity.runtime.directive.Evaluate.render(Evaluate.java:166)

    So it seems to be some invalid velocity code.

    UPDATE: Found the problem. You have some wiki syntax in the pretty name of the "icon" property (where you specify an example).. this is causing the problem... Culprit is in ConfigurableClassMacros: #set($prettyName = "#evaluate($app.displayPrettyName($propName, $obj))"). This evaluates pretty names in Velocity.

    • Anca Luca
      Anca Luca, 2011/10/21 11:33

      Ah, yes, I remember about this issue. IIRC the issue is a combination, it's also the fact that the velocity interpreter throws exception when you evaluate a string that ends in a # or a $ (lovely behaviour if you ask me).

      I also talked to Caleb about evaluating pretty names in the configurable class macro, which should not be done. As far as I understood it's for translating, but there is an existing mechanism for translating pretty names. The discussion was a long time ago. We should really remove this from the trunk (too bad we didn't remove it in 3.2).

    • Anca Luca
      Anca Luca, 2011/10/21 11:36

      To fix on your installed instance, you need to edit ReaderCode.ReaderConfigurationClass and change the pretty name of the icon property to not end in a #.

      • nshenry03
        nshenry03, 2012/10/15 20:39

        For those of you who don't know what you're doing (like me), simply do this:

        1. Go to: http://<<your domain>>/xwiki/bin/view/ReaderCode/ReaderConfigurationClass
          2. Click on: Edit > Class (from upper left of the frame)
          3. Click on: "Reference to an image or icon for the space. Example : icon:star or [email protected] (icon: String)"
          4. Add a period to the end of the "Pretty Name" field (so that it does not end in '#')...
          5. Hit "Save and View"

        That should fix things for you...

  • Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2011/10/07 13:54

    This step will not be mandatory starting with XE 2.6.1 and XE 2.7

    This is not true. I'm on XE 3.2-SNAPSHOT and I've had to schedule the job.

  • Zoe Feger
    Zoe Feger, 2014/06/19 17:57

    Hello ! I'd tried to make work this extension, but it's difficult to add a source (I only manage to upload one), and then the "reading" part seems to be bugged. Is there someone who can help me with it ?
    Thank you for any of your support !

  • Thibault Perthame
    Thibault Perthame, 2014/06/25 20:44

    Hi Zoe, I tried it a few month ago and I wasn't able to make it work.
    It's sad because it looks really fun!
    If you have some news about it don't hesitate to share emoticon_smile.

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