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text_kerningSelect the markup syntaxes that can be used to write page content
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XWiki 8.2M1+

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Offers an administration UI to choose the markup syntaxes that are enabled in your wiki, i.e. the syntaxes in which users can write wiki pages in.

By default, the first time you access this UI, the enabled syntaxes are the ones configured in your WEB-INF/xwiki.cfg file under the xwiki.rendering.syntaxes property. If you haven't set this property (it's not defined by default starting XWiki 8.2M1), then the only enabled syntax by default is the default syntax for your wiki (which is defined in WEB-INF/ under the core.defaultDocumentSyntax property).

The reason why the configuration defines disabled syntaxes is because when you install an extension contributing a new syntax in your wiki, we want that this syntax be enabled by default. Otherwise an Admin user would have to do it in 2 steps: install the extension and then activate the syntax.


Created by Vincent Massol on 2016/05/20 11:48

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