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  • Nicholas Hoffman
    Nicholas Hoffman, 2017/05/27 03:45

    Is there a way to do a batch import of extensions? I have an offline installation and I would like to set up a mirror of the xwiki extension server to point to.

  • Tony Mathers
    Tony Mathers, 2017/06/26 18:13

    I cannot get the Extension Mangers to install properly (nor can I find a proper location to ask for help. I simply get this message, with no further details in the logs:

    Importing org.xwiki.platform-xwiki-platform-extension-ui-9.4.xar: Error while importing
    •1 Page(s) installed
    •0 Page(s) skipped
    •2 Page(s) with error

    List of installed pages

    List of erroneous pages

    How do I correct this?

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