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system-search.pngAllows searching on the full wiki using wildcards, searching by space, getting search result RSS feeds and more
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Solr Search

This is the default search engine, based on Apache Solr (a previous version was based on Apache Lucene). See the Solr Search Application and the Lucene Search Application for more details.

Database Search

The database search uses queries to the database to locate pages. It is available by navigating to Main.DatabaseSearch.


Search Administration

Starting with XWiki Enterprise 2.4 M1 the Search Application can be configured in the dedicated section in the wiki administration section (Wiki Menu -> Administer XWiki -> Search).


In this section you can choose the default engine: Solr or Database.


Search Suggest

Search Suggest feature was introduced in 3.0. This allows to search directly from the top-right search input (on Colibri and Flamingo Skins), without having to leaving the current page and going to the dedicated search page.

Search Suggest Usage

Type what you want to search on the top-right search input and you'll get live suggestions based on the configured sources. In the following image 4 sources have results that match the search term: Page Names, Page Content, Attachment Names and Users.


Search Suggest Administration

The search suggest feature is enabled by default. It can be disabled from the dedicated administration section.


In this section you can configure the search suggest sources that are available to fetch the live search results from. Note that only the sources that are active and that use the search engine configured on the current wiki are used. Search suggest sources have many configuration parameters but the most importat ones are the search engine, the service and the query string.


Known Bugs

Due to this bug in XE versions < 5.3 you can't add a new source via the UI. A workaround is to edit XWiki.SearchSuggestConfig in object mode.

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