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cogGraphes evolution of the XE distributions over time
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Computes evolution of the XE HSQLDB/Jetty distribution over time, starting with 2.6.

@Grab(group='org.ccil.cowan.tagsoup', module='tagsoup', version='1.2' )
def tagsoupParser = new org.ccil.cowan.tagsoup.Parser()
def slurper = new XmlSlurper(tagsoupParser)
def data = [:]

void parseURL(def data, def slurper, def url)
 def html = slurper.parse(url)
  html.body.a.findAll { it.@href =~ '^[0-9]+' }.'@href'*.text().each() {
   def version = it[0..-2]
   // Get size by parsing version page
   def pageHtml = slurper.parse("${url}/${version}/")
    pageHtml.body.text().split(/(\n)/).findAll { it =~ '\\.zip ' }.each {
      data.put(version, it.split()[3])

parseURL(data, slurper, "")
parseURL(data, slurper, "")
parseURL(data, slurper, "")

println "|=Version|=Size"
data.each { version, size ->
  println "|${version}|${size}"
println ""

println "{{chart type='line' source='inline' params='range:B1-B${data.size()};series:columns;' title='Size of XWiki Jetty/HSQLDB Distributions' width='1000' height='400'}}"
data.each { version, size ->
  println "|${version}|${size[0..-2]}"
println "{{/chart}}"
To compute the size of the WAR file, replace .zip with .war, and xwiki-enterprise-hsqldb by xwiki-enterprise-web in the script above.

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