• Michael Beetz
    Michael Beetz, 2010/01/17 19:07

    The task manager application fails in case of running in a xwiki farm

    • Calling NewTask causes TaskManager Application Error number 4001 in 4: Error while parsing velocity page workresource:TasksCode.NewTask
    • You may replace the code of NewTask by the code below.
    • In case of having trouble to edit the NewTask page you may use http://<YourWiki>.<YourHost>:8080/xwiki/bin/view/TasksCode/NewTask?viewer=edit
    #set($id = 1)
    #set ($list = $xwiki.searchDocuments(",BaseObject as obj, IntegerProperty as prop where doc.fullName=obj.name and obj.className='TasksCode.IssueClass'
    and obj.id=prop.id.id
    and prop.id.name='id'
    and prop.id.value > 0
    order by prop.id.value desc
    ", 0, 0))
    #foreach ($item in $list)
      #set($id = $id + 1)
      #set($taskdoc = $xwiki.getDocument($item))
      #set($classname = "TasksCode.IssueClass")
      #set($ok = $taskdoc.use("$classname")) #end

    #set($pagedoc = $xwiki.getDocument($!request.page))
  • Thilo
    Thilo, 2010/03/12 11:02

    How can i use the E-Mail notification? It doesnt work under XWiki 2.2.

  • Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2010/03/12 11:04

    Thilo, please use the XWiki mailing list for asking questions.

  • kevin foote
    kevin foote, 2011/08/10 18:01

    This is nice. Just installed on 3.0. A bit buggy. Also a question. 

    I know there is a "Page Tasks" panel chunk you can add to a space / page panel.. However I'm wondering if there is a way to grab the tasks for a given Site and list them before the comments pane?

    Stuff that was/is buggy in xwiki-3.0 use of this:

    Small icon in the column heading on the bin/view/Tasks/  listing page does not show, just broken image box. Comments for a task are getting doubled up and unable to remove either one.

    My thoughts:
    Turning this into a Project / Task type extention where you can create a project then assign tasks
    Also adding some sort of stats hook to get info on what projects are there and "sub" tasks that have been completed / proj etc.. 

  • kevin foote
    kevin foote, 2011/08/10 22:49

    AHHHG.. just realized that I over wrote some macro / formatting when importing the xar.. 

    yuck.. now trying to unwind what the xar overwrote.

    Still like the idea.. just not ported forward to 3 I guess.. 

  • José Tomás
    José Tomás, 2014/09/18 20:09

    Found a bogus on code per tests I made during customizing status...

    Editing https://.../xwiki6/bin/view/TaskManager/TaskManagerClass
    For status field custom display probably should be

    You have a different string, so the localizer fails.
    I believe is something like TaskManager.StatusClass_status_

    Also for Due Date also starts with a strange value in the past... didn't understand yet.

    I do not have time to get full descritption, but I have to contrib for all.


  • Simon Gaud
    Simon Gaud, 2015/12/17 19:54

    Hi all, I've just install your extension on xWiki 7.3 and it looks like there's a problem with the description field when adding a task. The field isn't showing so I can't add  a description. Do you have any clue on that?

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