• Michael Beetz
    Michael Beetz, 2010/01/17 19:07

    The task manager application fails in case of running in a xwiki farm

    • Calling NewTask causes TaskManager Application Error number 4001 in 4: Error while parsing velocity page workresource:TasksCode.NewTask
    • You may replace the code of NewTask by the code below.
    • In case of having trouble to edit the NewTask page you may use http://<YourWiki>.<YourHost>:8080/xwiki/bin/view/TasksCode/NewTask?viewer=edit
    #set($id = 1)
    #set ($list = $xwiki.searchDocuments(",BaseObject as obj, IntegerProperty as prop where doc.fullName=obj.name and obj.className='TasksCode.IssueClass'
    and obj.id=prop.id.id
    and prop.id.name='id'
    and prop.id.value > 0
    order by prop.id.value desc
    ", 0, 0))
    #foreach ($item in $list)
      #set($id = $id + 1)
      #set($taskdoc = $xwiki.getDocument($item))
      #set($classname = "TasksCode.IssueClass")
      #set($ok = $taskdoc.use("$classname")) #end

    #set($pagedoc = $xwiki.getDocument($!request.page))
  • Thilo
    Thilo, 2010/03/12 11:02

    How can i use the E-Mail notification? It doesnt work under XWiki 2.2.

  • Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2010/03/12 11:04

    Thilo, please use the XWiki mailing list for asking questions.

  • kevin foote
    kevin foote, 2011/08/10 18:01

    This is nice. Just installed on 3.0. A bit buggy. Also a question. 

    I know there is a "Page Tasks" panel chunk you can add to a space / page panel.. However I'm wondering if there is a way to grab the tasks for a given Site and list them before the comments pane?

    Stuff that was/is buggy in xwiki-3.0 use of this:

    Small icon in the column heading on the bin/view/Tasks/  listing page does not show, just broken image box. Comments for a task are getting doubled up and unable to remove either one.

    My thoughts:
    Turning this into a Project / Task type extention where you can create a project then assign tasks
    Also adding some sort of stats hook to get info on what projects are there and "sub" tasks that have been completed / proj etc.. 

  • kevin foote
    kevin foote, 2011/08/10 22:49

    AHHHG.. just realized that I over wrote some macro / formatting when importing the xar.. 

    yuck.. now trying to unwind what the xar overwrote.

    Still like the idea.. just not ported forward to 3 I guess.. 

  • José Tomás
    José Tomás, 2014/09/18 20:09

    Found a bogus on code per tests I made during customizing status...

    Editing https://.../xwiki6/bin/view/TaskManager/TaskManagerClass
    For status field custom display probably should be

    You have a different string, so the localizer fails.
    I believe is something like TaskManager.StatusClass_status_

    Also for Due Date also starts with a strange value in the past... didn't understand yet.

    I do not have time to get full descritption, but I have to contrib for all.


  • Simon Gaud
    Simon Gaud, 2015/12/17 19:54

    Hi all, I've just install your extension on xWiki 7.3 and it looks like there's a problem with the description field when adding a task. The field isn't showing so I can't add  a description. Do you have any clue on that?

  • Patrik Mattsson
    Patrik Mattsson, 2018/02/12 09:58

    How can I adapt this application to exist in different parts of my tree where different people have access?

    I'm having some issues figuring out how I'd implement this extension for multiple teams within the same xwiki-installation so everyone can only see their teams and their own tasks.
    I'd rather not create multiple wikis to get this working since that would disturb the current structure of things.
    Currently running Xwiki 10.0

  • Alexander Rysev
    Alexander Rysev, 2018/08/30 22:27

    How can I access the administration section where I can add projects? I just can't find the link.

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