• Patrick Masson
    Patrick Masson, 2014/10/06 20:55

    The chat window is hanging with a "Disconnecting" message and status bar. See screen shot here:  http://wiki.opensource.org/bin/download/XWiki/pmasson/XWikiChat.png

    Any ideas?

  • Ludovic Dubost
    Ludovic Dubost, 2014/10/07 11:47

    Hi Patrick,

    We would need more info about what is happening. You could get this from the Javascript console of the browser or from a tool like Firebug on Firefox.


  • Ludovic Dubost
    Ludovic Dubost, 2014/11/21 14:56

    Hi I think the reason of the problem is that your installation is tomcat, and this application can only work with Jetty and needs some special configuration on the server to activate the BOSH Servlet. Unfortunately this cannot be done by the Extension Manager which is installing the application but needs to be done manually. The documentation on this page explains this.

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