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16 16  Each BatchImport can be configured either visually via the included wizard (but not all configuration options are present visually), or directly by editing the attached BatchImportClass object. The table below describes all configuration options.
17 17  
18 -|=Option|=Description
18 +|=(% style="width: 20%" %)Option|=Description
19 19  |Class name|Name of the target class to be used for creating objects from column values.
20 20  |Mapping|This option defines the mapping between column names in the input file and class properties. Note that data types should match, i.e. the columns that you choose for numeric, date or boolean fields should be convertible to those types. A property can be mapped to column "Constant:value": in that case, each property value will be set to "value". A property can also be mapped to "Computed:rowIndex": in that case, each property value will be set to the current row index. The mapping "doc.file" can be used to attach a file to each target document, or to convert an Office file to a document.
21 21  |Metadata file name|Name of the file to be imported.

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