• itjunkie
    itjunkie, 2008/02/18 15:59

    I import the xar file, I add a new topic, enter title and first post, then make some reply. Every thing is displayed properly, except for the topic title and topic post always be the empty string, although they are not empty !?

  • StefanBachert
    StefanBachert, 2010/02/25 13:42

    The dateformats are still hardcoded. It would be better to get them out of the language resources CategoryClassSheet TopicClassSheet and ... title/values still hardcodes "Direct link to post"/"Quote this message"/"Post!"

  • jan_slegr
    jan_slegr, 2010/03/14 12:27

    It seems first post in all topics has always the same date and time (2009/06/15 15:30), no current date and time. It is also visible at BulletinBoardTopic.png picture at this page. I don't like this bug in the nice application.

    • Valdis Vitolins
      Valdis Vitolins, 2011/01/14 17:35

      Open ../xwiki/bin/edit/BBCode/TopicClassSheet?language=en&editor=wiki and add line with BBCode.PostClass_0_postdate element:

      <input type="hidden" name="BBCode.PostClass_0_postauthor" value="$context.user" />
      <input type="hidden" name="BBCode.PostClass_0_postdate" value="$datetool.get('yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm')"/>
      <div class="bbbigbox">

      Though I think better would be using standard comments for posts because in comments you can create response tree and can allow to respond anonymously.

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