Version 2.1 by Marius Dumitru Florea on 2017/08/24 13:05

The CKEditor integration with XWiki provides most of the standard editing features available in CKEditor and some additional features that are specific to XWiki.

Standard CKEditor Features

The standard features include: text formatting, lists, indentation, links, images, tables and many more. Check the CKEditor web site to see all the supported features. Note that by default XWiki doesn't enable all the features available in CKEditor because we want the users to focus on the content and leave the styling in the hands of the XWiki skin. This way all wiki pages will have a consistent style. For this we disable by default the features that are related to styles, such as text aligning, changing fonts or text color. If you really need these features you can enable them from the dedicated administration section.

XWiki Features

Advanced Content Filter for XWiki 2.1 Syntax

Wiki Syntax Source

Image Attachments

Wiki Macros

Custom Styles

Full Screen Mode

Back/Forward/Reload Cache

Administration Section

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