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cogClean or hide old entries in your blogs or calendars
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This extensions allows you to bulk hide or delete entries in the blogs and calendars of your wiki. (If you have neither if these applications installed, this extension is of no use for you.)

If your wiki is running for a longer time you might have the effect that a lot of old blog or calendar entries show up in the search results while being no longer relevant. (The relevance of course depends on how your users use the blog and calendar.) This extension allows you to bulk delete entries from these applications older than a given amount of days (preset to 365 days). If you do not want to delete them, then you can also hide them, so only users with the "display hidden documents" in their profile will see them.
 If you want to remove the entries to save up disk space, you also need to remove them from the recycle bin afterwards. This can be done e.g. with the Admin Tools Application.

After installing the extension you should have a new section in the Wiki Administration in the category "Other". (You might need to reload the Admin UI after installing before you see it. Alternatively you can go to .../XWiki/CleanOrHideOldBlogAndCalendarEntries/ directly to see the UI. When installed this page is only accessible to admins.

The page shows a livetable of entries older than the given amount of days (actually the time when they were last modified, not the date of the blog post or calendar entry. If you have neither of these extensions installed you will just see an empty page.

You can either choose to delete/hide only the items you see in the livetable, or by checking a checkbox, to delete/hide all entries of the given type.

Some issues to consider:

  • if you have your options set to "show hidden documents", then hiding some entries does not remove them from the list
  • if you have your options set to not show hidden documents, then already hidden entries will not show up for deletion or hiding.

Note: screenshots will be added as time permits. 

The current implementation has a bug: if you reload the page while having paged though the entries, the entries about to be deleted or hidden are out of sync with the one displayed in the livetable. Please do not do that.


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