• DominiqueWirl
    DominiqueWirl, 2010/04/21 17:22


    I tried to change the colour themes and it works very well. But: If I open the XWIKI e.g. an hour later again, the old colour theme appears. When I refresh the page, it is the new colour theme again. What can I do to keep the new colour theme?

    Thanks for help!

    Kind regards, Dominique

    • Sergiu Dumitriu
      Sergiu Dumitriu, 2010/04/23 11:14

      This should not happen, I never encountered this behavior. What version of XWiki Enterprise are you using?

  • DominiqueWirl
    DominiqueWirl, 2010/04/23 12:32

    Thank you for your answer! I'm using XWiki Enterprise

  • bmeyersenuit
    bmeyersenuit, 2012/10/13 22:08

    I wanted to have a custom logo and was struggling when using a custom theme.  It took me a while to figure out that logo.png is an attachement to the page where you edit the theme.  I am sure this is obvious to more experienced xWiki users.  Maybe knowing this will save someone else some time.

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