• Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2013/03/04 08:27

    Hi Marius, great app thanks for doing it! I wanted to integrate with draw.io but you beat me emoticon_smile

    One thing I wanted to do is save the XML locally in the wiki page but I didn't research it enough (the way they do it with the dropbox integration). The other thing is that they have a standalone server java servlet for the backend (open source under ASL 2.0 for non commercial): https://github.com/jgraph/draw.io It would be cool to be able to test installing it and providing instructions for having a full local solution.

    Note that I get "undefined" in all menus (top and left), and in dialog box buttons: http://imm.io/Y9xl


    • Marius Dumitru Florea
      Marius Dumitru Florea, 2013/03/04 12:59

      The menu should be fixed in version 1.0.1. Regarding the standalone version, it is already standalone. It doesn't require any external services to work. There are a few features like image selector based on Google's Image Picker but they don't prevent you from creating and viewing diagrams. Note that the XML of each diagram is stored in the content of the wiki page and is rendered on the client side using the draw.io JavaScript code.

  • Alessandro Pazzaglia
    Alessandro Pazzaglia, 2013/09/27 09:12

    Hi! I've opened an issue on Github project: https://github.com/xwiki-contrib/application-diagram/issues/1

    I'll report it also here for clarity:

     Hi !

     I've installed your extension in a personal XWiki installation.

    I can draw diagrams and then display them fine using the DIsplay macro (as documented).

     But when I try to export the page to PDF, I can only see some XML markup in the document instead of my diagram.

     From the App, is not even possible to export the diagram to PNG (the relevant menu entry is grayed out), when on draw.io site is possible.

     Is this the expected behaviour ? If not, how can I make the diagram show up in the exported PDF ?

     Thanks for your work and time !

    • Marius Dumitru Florea
      Marius Dumitru Florea, 2013/09/27 09:14

      Hi Alessandro,

      I already noticed the issue you opened on GitHub, thanks. I'll try to handle it ASAP.

  • Andrzej Jablonski
    Andrzej Jablonski, 2014/01/24 16:34

    Hi Marius, really nice app. All works well except the display of "new line" entity 
 - somehow it doesnt get converted into new line but displays as plain text. It works like that only in saved view (either direct page display, or Display macro). During editing, when the draw.io interface is up there is no issue. App installed using Import feature, not the Extension Manager.
    Got any ideas what may be wrong?

    • Chad Bradley
      Chad Bradley, 2014/03/13 21:51

      Yes, the new line bug is problematic.

      In the editor I can see the pictures fine, but after saving it I cannot see  also am having problems with the clipart pictures after I save the diagram.

  • Yannick DUTHE
    Yannick DUTHE, 2014/03/18 15:14

    Hi Marius & Vincent,
    Thanks for this extension which will be very powerfull to share schemas !
    I confirm bugs with image and new line.

    An other problem is that IE8 doesn't support SVG, but I don't think we can do anything to fix that. If possible, we could just display a message in spite of the SVG code to explain to use recent browser.

    A functionality very usefull would be the possibility to add links into SVG, in order to navigate between schemas and cartographies. This functionality exist in draw.io, but may be not in the open-source version...

    Thanks !


    • Marius Dumitru Florea
      Marius Dumitru Florea, 2014/03/19 10:25

      Hi Yannick,

      Thanks for your feedback. Would be great if you can report the bugs, improvements or ideas on https://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XADIAGRAM so that we don't forget about them. I'll try to make some time to look into them.

      Thanks again,

      • Yannick DUTHE
        Yannick DUTHE, 2014/04/16 14:16

        I've added XADIAGRAM-10 and XADIAGRAM-11.
        Thanks !

  • Brett Gersekowski
    Brett Gersekowski, 2014/04/09 21:43

    Just started playing with this. Added comment to XADIAGRAM-5 for flowchart shapes displaying as plain boxes rather than correct shapes.

    It would be handy to be able to embed the diagrams into other wiki pages but have a link that takes you directly to editing them The display macro does seem to take care of the embedding, but editing could become problematic as more and more diagrams are added to a site.

  • Denis Muzhzhukhin
    Denis Muzhzhukhin, 2014/09/09 18:05

    was this extension abandoned?

  • Daniel Kepes
    Daniel Kepes, 2014/09/30 09:18

    I'm anything else than a lawyer, but still, I feel there might be a licensing issue here. On one hand, there is the hint given on this page, saying that the mxGraph library would have a dual license. Yet its manual states that "The JavaScript client of mxGraph is licensed under a standard commercial license" (see http://jgraph.github.io/mxgraph/docs/manual.html#1.5). I couldn't find any trace of a dual license on their webpage (not even in the changelog), especially not the one mentioned above.
    On the other side, there is draw.io which is free (see https://jgraph.freshdesk.com/support/articles/57101-how-come-draw-io-is-free-and-will-it-stay).

    To me, it seems like this extension is either absolutely comercial (because of mxGraph) or it is absolutely free (because of draw.io) - no excuses respectively. As this page is indicating that the extension is based on draw.io, I tend to say it would be free. Could you please make clear what's the case here?

    P.S. Sorry if my understanding of licensing etc. may be lousy.

    • Marius Dumitru Florea
      Marius Dumitru Florea, 2014/10/01 10:48

      Hi Daniel,

      At the time I wrote this extension the draw.io license was a bit different. What's written on this page is true for the version of draw.io I used back then, 1 year and 7 months ago (and which is still used by the latest version of the Diagram Application). At that moment draw.io was more than free, it was Open Source. There was a public GitHub repo I could clone to get the sources. The dual-license allowed me use the mxGraph library for non-commercial purposes. In the mean time the owners of draw.io have changed the license and have made the GitHub repo private. So I cannot upgrade the draw.io version used by the Diagram Application. But I think you can use the Diagram Application freely because it uses an older version of draw.io that had a different license.

      Note that when they say "draw.io is free and will stay free" they refer to the service not to the underlying tehnology. The Diagram Application doesn't use an external draw.io service. On the contrary, it embeds the drag.io technology (the old version).

    • Sergiu Dumitriu
      Sergiu Dumitriu, 2014/10/02 14:47

      The license they sell for mxGraph is for development. The end users of the finished application don't have to buy an mxGraph license.

      However, they do impose a restriction on the distribution of such applications:

       1.6 You agree not to distribute the Software to any person other than (1) to customers who have entered into an arm’s length transaction to acquire an Application which incorporates the Software

      So anybody that wants to use a version of this application using the new non-dual-licensed version of the library would actually have to come to the XWiki Iași office and shake hands with Marius. Or keep using the older version.

  • Digital Data
    Digital Data, 2017/07/28 14:54

    Hi, can somebody check the download Button, please?
    I get "Internal Server Error"...

  • Evgeny Kurbatov
    Evgeny Kurbatov, 2017/10/02 14:37

    I have a problem with the extension: it doesn't render XML diagram from draw.io.
    I created a diagram with the native draw.io website. Then I took its XML version and inserted into XWiki diagram. I can see the diagram in the Edit mode (although the colors are distorted), but when I click the "SAVE & VIEW" button I see no diagram on the wiki page.
    here is the diagram's XML version:

    Can it be fixed?

    • Caitlin Andrews
      Caitlin Andrews, 2021/01/25 17:27

      I'd like to bump this - xml import doesn't work

  • Paul Walker
    Paul Walker, 2018/03/12 04:42

    I've just installed this extension and tried making a diagram.  In all cases, when I try to create a diagram page, I get a spinner icon and then nothing happens. 

    Do you have any suggestions as to how I can debug this problem to find out what is wrong with my installation and why I cannot create diagrams?

    Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    - server: xwiki 10.1, tomcat8, ubuntu 16.04
    - client: mac osx 10.12 & safari, windows 10 & firefox latest version.

    • Vincent Massol
      Vincent Massol, 2018/03/13 10:17

      Hi Paul. You should ask questions on the forum at https://forum.xwiki.org/ since not many people look here for questions. Actually we probably need to remove comments on extension pages but we left them so that users could comment on things they've done with the extensions (tips, workarounds, etc). Still it would be better if users could edit the page and add to the content. The reality is that users don't dare to do that. We'll need to figure out a way.

  • Anandha Krishnan S
    Anandha Krishnan S, 2019/04/12 08:23

    first of all.. this is a good work...
    Can i use this in offline mode?
    Xwiki 11.2 Jetty hsqldb
    running without internet connection...(offline mode)

    • Marius Dumitru Florea
      Marius Dumitru Florea, 2019/04/15 14:24

      Basic diagram editing doesn't require internet connection. So you should be able to create and edit diagrams offline. You need to be online to install the extension though. Offline install is possible but complex.

  • Roman Oli
    Roman Oli, 2020/12/25 11:07

    Hello, is this app still under development or is it frozen?

  • Caitlin Andrews
    Caitlin Andrews, 2021/01/25 17:26

    Does the macro get updated to the latest version of draw.io? Or, how old is the version of draw.io used in the macro? I notice shapes in the standalone draw.io app that I can not get in the macro version.

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