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The document tree plugin builds a tree of child pages. It can be used to show the child pages of a defined page or to show all pages of a space.


Copy the jar-Archive to the %xwikipath%/WEB-INF/lib/ directory of your xwiki installation and add com.xpn.xwiki.plugin.doctree.DocumentTreePlugin to the xwiki.cfg.

The DocumentTreePlugin has two main methods to call:

$xwiki.doctree.getDocumentTree(rootDocument, sorted)

$xwiki.doctree.getSpaceDocumentTree(spaceName, sorted)

The default for sorted is true. In this way you get a tree with alphabetically sorted nodes. If you want the tree to contain the nodes in order of creation, you have to set sorted to false.


To get a Tree with the children of a page, alphabetically sorted nodes:


To get a Tree with all the Documents of a space, nodes in order of creation:

$xwiki.doctree.getSpaceDocumentTree($doc.web, false)

Also see Children Page Tree

The jar Archive also contains examples for use.


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