• FriedemannLoew
    FriedemannLoew, 2007/03/20 15:31

    New version available!

    Thanks to greyfairer for the help.

    The new version is not compatible to the previous one.

  • MikeOliver
    MikeOliver, 2008/03/19 02:04

    Where can we get one of these?

  • tdl
    tdl, 2008/04/22 08:05

    Where can we get one of these? 

  • tdl
    tdl, 2008/04/22 08:10

    mikeoliver You can get it at http://code.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Snippets/ChildPageSnippet attachement

  • Thomas Mortagne
    Thomas Mortagne, 2008/05/13 12:00

    This plugin should have a download page like other plugins. See Plugins.AcronymToLinkPlugin and Plugins.AcronymToLinkPluginDownloads for example.

  • Gabriela Radu
    Gabriela Radu, 2008/06/20 13:44

    this works only one level... is there a n-level tree available?

  • blaine
    blaine, 2008/06/21 01:50

    I suspect that this Plugin supports arbitrary number of levels, because otherwise it would not be a "tree". One level of ancestry does not make a tree.

    Perhaps the problem you're seeing (Gabriela) is due to the Xwiki's pitiful page ancestry design. The default .xar AllDocs tree index page shows no ancestry at all other than pages-within-a-space. There is absolutely no validation that parents exist when setting parents. There is actually nothing tying the parent names to real page names. You can set parent to "nosuchthing", and that's what it will be saved as, and shown as in your page header.

    Of course, it wouldn't be all that surprising if the problem you're seeing with the plugin is unrelated.

  • AleksSokolov
    AleksSokolov, 2008/09/23 13:08

    How to download this plugin? Thanks.

  • Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2008/09/23 13:21


    Somehow the link had been removed. I have added it again.


  • Helmut Nagy
    Helmut Nagy, 2008/11/02 12:07

    I cant see the Downloadlink. Shouldn't there be "This plugin can be downloaded." with the link instead of "This plugin cannot currently be downloaded separately" in the grey box at the top. Cause i cant find the doctree-1.0.jar in the libs folder. I added the Downloadlink at the bottom.

  • jeremi
    jeremi, 2008/12/15 04:26

    it's written at the top of this page : "This plugin cannot currently be downloaded separately."

    But it seems that we can download it from Plugins.DocumentTreePluginDownloads. Is it a good version?

  • Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2008/12/18 10:07

    jeremi, this is a mystery to me: the download page keeps being removed from this page for some reason I don't understand. I've added it again. Hope it'll stay this time.

  • donovaly
    donovaly, 2009/10/20 14:43

    The version 1.0 that I downloaded from here: http://code.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Plugins/DocumentTreePluginDownloads doesn't work. Java fails to open this file. Is there another file version? Why is there no download link on this page?

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