• Roman Muntyanu
    Roman Muntyanu, 2012/02/17 11:52

    A really helpful macro looking forward to 3.5 Final to migrate to it.
    One more macro that would be useful is list of attachments on the page (an analogue to {attachments} in confluence). Sometimes it's useful to have that list embedded directly into page instead of having to navigate to the bottom and click on the tab.

  • Roman Muntyanu
    Roman Muntyanu, 2012/12/11 16:27

    Is it possible to specify inverse ordering by page column?

    • Josep Porres
      Josep Porres, 2017/03/09 13:57

      It would be interesting to be able to sort asc|desc by one of the columns specified when calling the macro.

      • Vincent Massol
        Vincent Massol, 2017/03/15 10:40

        I agree. Could you create a JIRA issue at https://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI/component/12040? Thanks

        • Jie Pan
          Jie Pan, 2019/08/28 13:01

          It could be done by the following:

          • go to XWiki/DocumentsMacro page
          • edit the object of the page
          • add "sort-col" and "sort-order" parameter objects
          • add the following code the the code of XWiki.WikiMacroClass after line 22
              #if ("$!xcontext.macro.params.sort-col" != "")
                #set($dummy = $options.put("selectedColumn", $!xcontext.macro.params.sort-col))
              #if ("$!xcontext.macro.params.sort-order" != "")
                #set($dummy = $options.put("defaultOrder", $!xcontext.macro.params.sort-order))

          Now you could have the Livetable sorted on the specified col by default.
          {{documents id="example" count="5" actions="false" columns="doc.title, doc.location" sort-col="doc.location" sort-order="desc"/}}

        • Jie Pan
          Jie Pan, 2019/08/29 02:38
  • Roman Muntyanu
    Roman Muntyanu, 2012/12/12 17:23

    There's also a limitation or a bug - when I add several macros on the page - the content for all of them is the same as the content of the first one.

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