• Thomas Steinbach
    Thomas Steinbach, 2010/10/06 14:58

    Thank you for this great app. This makes XWiki one more step to a powerful workbench for studies.

  • Bertrand PUJOS
    Bertrand PUJOS, 2011/07/21 11:02

    Thanks M Rawash for this great extension!

    But since XE 3.1+, the Paged View Links macro doesn't display correctly. I think that's because syntax of the macro Paged View Links has changed recently: "pagedViewLinks" became "printPagedViewLinks"...

    To avoid problem I replace #pagedViewLinks($itemsPerPage $totalPages $crtPageNumber)
     by #printPagedViewLinks($itemsPerPage $totalPages $crtPageNumber)...

    See: https://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-5972

  • Andreea Popescu
    Andreea Popescu, 2014/07/08 11:52

    Issues I found when testing the app with XE 6.0.1:
    - the app doesn't have an Application Panel entry
    - problems with Assignee in livetable (you will see some code)

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