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153 153  {{image reference="conflict_userprofile.png"/}}
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155 +Starting with {{info}}XWiki 11.8RC1{{/info}} it is now possible to make custom choices for some conflicts.
156 +
157 +The conflicts that can be fixed with custom choices are displayed directly in the changes display by an orange bar. A blue area is reserved for the conflict resolution.
158 +This blue area displays some text, and a select with several choices. The displayed text in the blue area is what will be used for fixing the conflict, you can see the text changing for each choice.
159 +
160 +The conflict choices are the following:
161 + * current version (default): the conflict is fixed by getting the current changes
162 + * before your changes: the conflict is fixed by getting what was there before you starting to edit. Both latest version saved and your current changes would be lost for this conflict,
163 + * latest version saved: the change made on the latest version saved (the one you are conflicting with) are taken to fix the conflict
164 + * custom version: with this option, a text area is displayed to allow you to enter any new value to fix the conflict. Multiple lines can be entered.
165 +
166 +If the choice text displays something in red, it is because no content is actually available for the chosen version to fix the conflict: usually it means the content in conflict will be removed with the choice made.
167 +
168 +{{gallery}}
169 +image:extension-manager-conflict-resolution.png
170 +image:extension-manager-conflict-edition.gif
171 +{{/gallery}}
172 +
155 155  === Delete Unused Wiki Pages ===
156 156  
157 157  Some wiki pages may not be needed any more after an upgrade, either because they were deleted in the new version of the XAR extension or becaue they were renamed. The Extension Manager asks you to confirm the removal of these unused wiki pages at the end of the upgrade process. You can select which pages to delete or keep. Note that the pages you have modified are not selected by default to prevent you from loosing your changes by mistake. You can rollback the deletion later if need be by going to the recycle bin.

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