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1 Extensions can define dependencies. Those will automatically be installed by Extension Manager when installing the extension. It's also a good way to make sure the extension is installed on the right version of XWiki.
3 See also [[Maven repository handler documentation>>Extension.Extension Module.Repositories.Maven]] to have more details on how exactly to define dependencies in the Maven build.
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7 = Optional dependencies =
9 It's possible to indicate that a dependency is optional. This means that Extension Manager will install all of them by default but optional dependencies won't have any impact on the validity of the extension:
11 * if the optional dependency install plan fail the extension is installed without it
12 * if the optional dependency is uninstalled it won't uninstall the extension
13 * if the optional dependency is missing at startup it won't make the extension invalid
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16 Since 11.7RC1, in the context of Maven repositories, this apply only to extensions using the custom Maven property ##xwiki.extension.optionalIncluded## with ##true## to avoid going against Maven default behavior (for retro compatibility reasons it's ##true## by default for grouIds prefixes known to be XWiki often be extensions: "org.xwiki" and "com.xwiki"). See [[custom Maven properties>>Extension.Extension Module.Repositories.Maven||anchor="HCustomproperties"]] for more details.
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19 = Managed dependencies =
21 Since 8.1, Extension Manager support the concept of managed dependencies.
23 Its the same idea than Maven's {{code}}<dependencyManagement>{{/code}} element. It allows the following:
25 * indicate the version or other properties associated to a dependency in managed dependencies and just indicate the id in the actual dependencies
26 * overwrite the version or other properties associated to any corresponding transitive dependency
28 = Ignored dependencies =
30 Since 12.2 and 11.10.4 you can force Extension Manager to ignore a set of dependencies using the property #### in file:
32 {{code language="properties"}}
33 extension.ignoredDependencies=stax:stax
35 extension.ignoredDependencies=stax:stax-api
36 extension.ignoredDependencies=xalan:xalan
37 extension.ignoredDependencies=xalan:serializer
38 {{/code}}

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