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1 -Extension extending Extension Module with possibility to import any npm packages from npm registry and wrap them
2 - in web jar to be later used in front part of XWiki as dependencies.
1 +[[Npm registry>>]] is the most popular and used repository of JS packages. Inside XWiki JS libaries may be required for example in [[Java Script Skin Extensions>>Extension.Skin Extension Plugin]]. There's already mechanism in XWiki that solves the problem of providing JS packages using WebJars - it installs them and provides JS files for front pages: [[WebJars API>>Extension.WebJars Integration]].
2 +More about [[WebJars>>]].
3 +
4 +However not all JS libs are already packed in webJars and available in Maven Central Repository. Thats why ##Extension Repository Connector - NPM## was created. It enables XWiki user to download any JS library available in NPM registry and converting it internally to WebJar, made it available for import on front pages.
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6 +== Configuration ==
7 +
8 +No configuration needed. The extension after installment connects automatically to the [[NPM registry>>]]
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10 +== Example ==
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12 +Let's assume that you want to import to XWiki some usefull UI JS library - [[egjs>>]]
13 +After installation of Extension Repository Connector - NPM, go to the "Extensions" page of the Administration. Then search for ##egjs## by choosing "All Extensions" from the drop down list filter. The result should be more less the following:
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15 +Then choose from the requests package from the result list and proceed to install it as you'd do for any XWiki extension:
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1 +Yes

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