connectProvide script oriented APIs to manipulate extensions
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LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1

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The Extension module provide various script oriented APIs. It's also possible to extend it by registering a org.xwiki.script.service.ScriptService component with a hint prefixed with extension..

Following are the default set of extension related APIs:

  • extension: $services.extension The entry point of this module is the script service with the identifier extension which then provide several "sub-script services".
    • core: $services.extension.core This script service is dedicated to code extensions. Core extension being the unmodificable extension included in the WAR or coming from the application server.
    • local: $services.extension.local This script service is dedicated to local extensions. Local extension being all the extension installed or not that have been downloaded at some point.
    • installed: $services.extension.installed This script service is dedicated to installed extensions.
    • rating: $services.extension.rating This script service is dedicated to rating informations.

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