• Adam Shand
    Adam Shand, 2017/10/11 04:38

    This looks really great.  I'm curious why xwiki doesn't use it for it's own forums?

    • Vincent Massol
      Vincent Massol, 2017/10/11 08:01

      That's a valid question. This Forum extension is not meant to compete with a full-fledged forum. It's useful and nice if you have basic needs for a Forum. We wanted a lot more features for the xwiki.org forum (such as being able to send posts to the forum by mail, have stats, ability to mark a thread as resolved, etc). We discussed about eating our own dog food and improving the Forum extension but it's a lot of work and we preferred to focus on working on the XWiki core features instead FTM (we're not that many). Now anyone is free to contribute to the Forum extension and make it better!

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