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cogForum application with multiple forums, topics, answers, comments, supporting Wysiwyg and Votes
Developed by

Ludovic Dubost, Anca Luca, Maxim Ionut, Joshua Marks, Opcalia, Sofiane Baloul, Gabriela Smeria, Victor Rachieru, Ecaterina Moraru (Valica), Alexandru Cotiugă

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16 Votes
LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1

Installable with the Extension Manager


You can also try the Pro version: Forum Application (Pro).

This forum application is a complete redesign and rewrite of previous existing forum applications: (Bulletin Board Application and SimpleForumApplication).

It boasts the following features:

  • Multiple Forum creation
  • Topic creation
  • Answering to topics
  • Commenting on topics
  • Voting
  • Ordering topics by number of comments or votes
  • Editing all fields (topics, answers, comments) in Wysiwyg including Images and Macros
  • Admin or Topic Manager forum/topic/answer/comment deleting
  • Flagging innappropriate content with Flag queue for moderators
  • Slick UI

Here are some screenshots:

Forum Template

Since v2.1.1 A Forum Template is displayed in the page creation wizard.


This application lets you flag inappropriate content on an answer, comment or topic. Everytime you want to flag one of the previous items, you just have to press the flag icon flag.png inside each element. 

Here are some screenshots:


Flag creation


Flag list

The flag list provides you information about the:

  • Reason - a motive why an user thought that conversation should be flagged
  • User - current user that flagged the conversation
  • Date - date and hour at which the conversation was flagged
  • Moderator - user that created the conversation that is flagged
  • Status - flag status (open/ resolved/ in progress)

To receive an email when you flag a topic/answer/comment you need to have the mail sending configured ( ) and also, in XWIki Preferences, go to edit mode ( http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/edit/XWiki/XWikiPreferences ), then Edit Objects, under Objects of type XWiki.XWikiPreferences open the Object and add an email address to Admin email.

Panel 'Most active topics'

Among other functionalities, Forum application offers you a simple way to visualize the 'Most active topics'. You can also order them ascending or descending, regarding creation date, number of votes or number of comments, with a simple click on the sorting arrows.


Macro 'Recent Forum Discussions'

Starting with the version 2.0 the Forum Application includes a new macro to display the recent panel discussions


This application has been sponsored by XWiki SAS, and Opcalia. 

Tested on

This extension has been tested with the following configurations.

Extension VersionXWiki FlavorNotes
1.3XWiki Enterprise 5.2.x, 6.0.1

It should also work with XWiki Enterprise 4.5.x.

1.7XWiki Enterprise 6.2.4
1.8XWiki Enterprise 5.4.6 (Colibri), 6.3 (Colibri, Flamingo)
1.9XWiki Enterprise 6.4-M1 , 6.4
1.9.4XWiki Enterprise 6.4.4
1.9.5XWiki Enterprise 7.1.2, 7.2
2.2XWiki Enterprise 9.1.2
2.2.1XWiki 9.8.1

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Prerequisites & Installation Instructions

We recommend using the Extension Manager to install this extension (Make sure that the text "Installable with the Extension Manager" is displayed at the top right location on this page to know if this extension can be installed with the Extension Manager). Note that installing Extensions when being offline is currently not supported and you'd need to use some complex manual method.

You can also use the following manual method, which is useful if this extension cannot be installed with the Extension Manager or if you're using an old version of XWiki that doesn't have the Extension Manager:

  1. Log in the wiki with a user having Administration rights
  2. Go to the Administration page and select the Import category
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to upload the downloaded XAR
  4. Click on the uploaded XAR and follow the instructions
  5. You'll also need to install all dependent Extensions that are not already installed in your wiki

Since 2.1, the Forum application requires XWiki 7.4+ in order to use Nested Pages feature. The Pre-Nested Pages version of the Forum application is kept in the stable-1.x branch and only bug fixes will be applied to it.

Since 1.9.4, org.xwiki.contrib.ratings:application-ratings-ui dependency has been replaced with org.xwiki.platform:xwiki-platform-ratings-ui

Release Notes


  • Closed XAFORUM-230 Mark Tour pages and Macros as hidden
  • Closed XAFORUM-144 Searching for Forum discussions is no longer working
  • In order to apply the fix from this version for the existing Forums, run the migration script located in ForumCode.Migrations.2\.2\.1. This will work only for forums that are built on a nested pages version of XWiki (> 7.4).


  • Closed XAFORUM-244 In a topic all the answers have the same Flag and Permalink URLs
  • Closed XAFORUM-243 Flags are not deleted
  • Closed XAFORUM-241 Change the name of the answer property in AnswerClass
  • Closed XAFORUM-240 Create the generic displayAddConversationButton macro
  • Closed XAFORUM-239 Simplify the management of the forum entities
  • Closed XAFORUM-235 Editor is displayed for the first comment only
  • Closed XAFORUM-233 Confirmation to leave page is displayed if CKEditor is used
  • Closed XAFORUM-232 Voting either on topic page or on topics page list does not update counter
  • Closed XAFORUM-211 Answer is still displayed in the page after its deletion


  • Closed XAFORUM-229 Different parameters are used to keep the same information
  • Closed XAFORUM-228 Provide a template provider for Forum
  • Closed XAFORUM-227 Topic information is missing from PDF export
  • Closed XAFORUM-215 HTML visible when you edit a topic comment/answer
  • Closed XAFORUM-179 Sorting votes doesn't work properly
  • Closed XAFORUM-98 Capitalize "Actions" options


  • Closed XAFORUM-223 Make the Forums visible (unmark as hidden)
  • Closed XAFORUM-221 Create the Forum bootstrap tour
  • Closed XAFORUM-219 Update xwiki-commons-pom version to 7.4
  • Closed XAFORUM-214 Failed to execute velocity when you deny the view right for a user on a topic page
  • Closed XAFORUM-194 Topic Description is not wrapped at the end of container


  • Closed XAFORUM-209 Comments are not visible in Answers
  • Closed XAFORUM-207 The font used in the "forum.recentForumDiscussions" widget is set to FA even for the full content


  • Closed XAFORUM-206 Topics are not deleted when the Form is deleted in Nested Spaces
  • Closed XAFORUM-205 When a new topic is created, the existing one is overwritten
  • Closed XAFORUM-204 For each new Answer, create a subspace, instead of a document
  • Closed XAFORUM-202 WebPreferences document is created in the wrong space in NS
  • Closed XAFORUM-198 Create a Recent macro to display the N most recent discussions
  • Closed XAFORUM-195 For each new Topic, create a subspace, instead of a document


  • Closed XAFORUM-193 Use the XWiki sheets system instead of the include macro
  • Closed XAFORUM-190 Social media buttons not displayed fully on Topic
  • Closed XAFORUM-180 For each new Forum/Topic, create a subspace, instead of a first level space
  • Closed XAFORUM-164 Even though the mail server is configured accordingly, flagging a topic/answer/comment shows a 'Could not send mail to notify about flagged comment' warning


  • Closed XAFORUM-185 XWiki Markup in topic names is not escaped everywhere
  • Closed XAFORUM-184 Forums with quotes in the name do not work
  • Closed XAFORUM-183 Users in domain-based subwikis do not see links to global users correctly
  • Closed XAFORUM-178 Remove explicitly set icon theme
  • Closed XAFORUM-165 Remove the Vote topic button from the middle.
  • Closed XAFORUM-88 Panels : Add subscribing links to the topics and comments feeds


  • Closed XAFORUM-177 Replace deprecated "include document" calls
  • Closed XAFORUM-175 Replace contrib-ratings dependency with the platform-ratings version
  • Closed XAFORUM-173 By installing the forum app the ratings are hidden on the whole wiki
  • Closed XAFORUM-163 Create an Action Column in the Forum Admin UI


  • Closed XAFORUM-174 Use same error message for both topic and forum title
  • Closed XAFORUM-172 Refactor EditTitleMacro (wiki macro) as a velocity macro
  • Closed XAFORUM-171 Update the ratings application dependency to v1.3.4
  • Closed XAFORUM-170 Remove console warnings
  • Closed XAFORUM-169 Broken forum listed when you don't have view right on it


  • Closed XAFORUM-168 Update the ratings application dependency to v1.3.3


  • Closed XAFORUM-167 Change translation when deleting a topic with answers
  • Closed XAFORUM-166 When you delete an answer you see the question "Delete topic?" instead of "Delete answer?"
  • Closed XAFORUM-160 Update Ratings Application dependency to version 1.3.2
  • Closed XAFORUM-159 Restrict editing flags for guests
  • Closed XAFORUM-151 Missing French translations for certain keys
  • Closed XAFORUM-122 Improve the design of Flag pages
  • Closed XAFORUM-109 Clean the CSS from !important calls
  • Closed XAFORUM-46 Mark in the UI that you can vote on a topic only once


  • Closed XAFORUM-158 Improve display on mobile
  • Closed XAFORUM-157 Sorting on 'All topics' has an influence of 'Most Active Topics' panel, but the panel's sort arrow is not updated


  • Closed XAFORUM-156 The livetable is not well displayed on FF with Colibri skin
  • Closed XAFORUM-155 Replace $msg.get with $services.localization
  • Closed XAFORUM-154 Display forum title when creating forums, instead of WebHome
  • Closed XAFORUM-153 Fix $services.icon.render when installing on XWiki 5.4.6
  • Closed XAFORUM-152 Missing .button class for Colibri when creating a new forum
  • Closed XAFORUM-150 In 'Most Active Topics' panel add arrows to display the sorting direction asc / desc
  • Closed XAFORUM-149 Restrict flagging of topics and answers for Guests
  • Closed XAFORUM-148 Add entity highlight when accessing a Forum URL
  • Closed XAFORUM-145 Even though the mail server is configured accordingly, deleting an answer shows a 'Could not send mail to notify about deleting the answer' warning
  • Closed XAFORUM-143 Error when SMTP configured, but no email set in 'Admin Email' field
  • Closed XAFORUM-142 Improve the Flag feature
  • Closed XAFORUM-141 Entry name isn't used as the Forum Title
  • Closed XAFORUM-140 Hide ForumCode.CommentTemplate
  • Closed XAFORUM-92 Naming consistency: Rename buttons and add a title to the topics and answers forms
  • Closed XAFORUM-81 Add arrows to display the sorting direction asc / desc


  • Closed XAFORUM-139 Remove standard's overrides for permalinkBox
  • Closed XAFORUM-136 Velocity error when creating a forum with a new user
  • Closed XAFORUM-135 Fixing trimmed icons (problem caused by the font removal)
  • Closed XAFORUM-134 Removing custom font and fallbacking on default
  • Closed XAFORUM-133 Flags.WebHome should be the parent of Forums.NewFlag
  • Closed XAFORUM-132 Flags.WebHome should redirect to Administration and not be displayed empty
  • Closed XAFORUM-131 Remove tabbed information (comments, attachments, etc) when flagging
  • Closed XAFORUM-130 Serif font in Comment's WYSIWYG
  • Closed XAFORUM-127 At answer and comment, when image-width larger than container, add some padding
  • Closed XAFORUM-126 External image added into a topic isn't displayed on forum page
  • Closed XAFORUM-121 When creating a forum, the title length is not validated
  • Closed XAFORUM-118 Remove custom styling for buttons
  • Closed XAFORUM-115 Improve the display when editing a comment
  • Closed XAFORUM-48 Warnings when deleting a Topic
  • Closed XAFORUM-10 No warning when deleting an answer if your email server isn't configured


  • Closed XAFORUM-124 Apply .xform when editing a topic
  • Closed XAFORUM-123 In edit and object mode, 'user' and 'moderator' fields are empty
  • Closed XAFORUM-120 Remove scroll bar from the livetable on homepage
  • Closed XAFORUM-119 Trimmed icons on forum description and answer
  • Closed XAFORUM-117 Edit and Remove buttons aren't fully visible when there is no description on a topic
  • Closed XAFORUM-116 Add space between New Answer button and No answer div
  • Closed XAFORUM-114 Apply .xform when editing an answer
  • Closed XAFORUM-113 The Flag List's livetable is missing .controlPagination icons
  • Closed XAFORUM-112 Remove extra .wikimodel-emptyline from 'Flag List'
  • Closed XAFORUM-111 Remove #forum-buttons bottom-border
  • Closed XAFORUM-110 Apply .xform when creating a forum
  • Closed XAFORUM-104 Improve the display of Flag pages (.xform)
  • Closed XAFORUM-103 Improve the display of 'Flag a Comment' page (.xform)
  • Closed XAFORUM-102 Remove tabbed information (comments, attachments, etc) from Forum functionality pages
  • Closed XAFORUM-86 Forum Application requires EDIT right to put comments instead of COMMENT right
  • Closed XAFORUM-85 Add Russian translation into the Forum Application
  • Closed XAFORUM-22 Forum entries (spaces, pages) should be marked as hidden


  • Closed XAFORUM-107 Leftover Rating for Answers
  • Closed XAFORUM-105 Forum entries created on the space "Forums" not on separate spaces
  • Closed XAFORUM-101 Broken display for an user if avatar is noavatar.png
  • Closed XAFORUM-100 WYSIWYG menus not working (link, image, table, macro, import) when writing comments
  • Closed XAFORUM-96 Bad display of Permalink modal width Flamingo
  • Closed XAFORUM-95 Improve 'Most Active Topics' panel display on Flamingo
  • Closed XAFORUM-94 The forum's livetable is missing .controlPagination icons
  • Closed XAFORUM-93 With Flamingo skin, the topics, answers, votes icons are trimmed
  • Closed XAFORUM-90 Topics : Use the Wysiwyg instead of the simple textarea
  • Closed XAFORUM-89 Replace New forum form on the WebHome by "Add Forum" button
  • Closed XAFORUM-76 Integrate ForumCode.FlagsHome functionality inside Administration
  • Closed XAFORUM-49 ForumCode.MostActiveTopicsPanel panel should be displayed by default for the Forum app
  • Closed XAFORUM-15 The Flag button doesn't work


  • Closed XAFORUM-84 Consistent position for flag and permalink for answers and comments
  • Closed XAFORUM-83 Add descriptive labels when displaying the number of topics, answers, comments
  • Closed XAFORUM-80 Add empty state for Topics
  • Closed XAFORUM-79 Add empty state for Answers
  • Closed XAFORUM-77 Organise the Translations
  • Closed XAFORUM-75 Add headings before entities listing
  • Closed XAFORUM-74 Remove additional space when viewing a topic
  • Closed XAFORUM-73 Remove docextra for Forum entities
  • Closed XAFORUM-72 Differentiate between forum and topic entries
  • Closed XAFORUM-71 Improve Forum display
  • Closed XAFORUM-70 Improve Topic display
  • Closed XAFORUM-69 Fix avatar styling
  • Closed XAFORUM-68 Fixing Answers ColorThemes values
  • Closed XAFORUM-67 Have a consistent position for moderation tools
  • Closed XAFORUM-66 Increase Comments indentation for Answers
  • Closed XAFORUM-65 Improve Comments alternate display
  • Closed XAFORUM-64 Remove standard's overrides
  • Closed XAFORUM-63 Fixing Add Comment - ColorThemes and background
  • Closed XAFORUM-62 Fixing Add Comment - xform
  • Closed XAFORUM-61 Fixing Add Forum - xform
  • Closed XAFORUM-60 Fixing Add Answer - xform
  • Closed XAFORUM-59 Fixing Add Answer - ColorThemes and background
  • Closed XAFORUM-58 Fixing Add Forum - ColorThemes and background
  • Closed XAFORUM-57 Fixing Add Forum - buttons aligning and markup
  • Closed XAFORUM-56 Fixing Add Forum - title input size and styling
  • Closed XAFORUM-55 Fix dt dd usage when creating a Forum
  • Closed XAFORUM-47 Fix the translations for 'conversation'
  • Closed XAFORUM-34 Add ColorThemes variables in the Forum styling
  • Closed XAFORUM-31 Improve Forum's interface by aligning it to XWiki standard


  • Closed XAFORUM-54 Missing tooltips for forum's functionality
  • Closed XAFORUM-53 Rename translation for Vote functionality
  • Closed XAFORUM-52 Hide .rating-stars for Forum app
  • Closed XAFORUM-50 Sorting by comments hides 'zero-topics'
  • Closed XAFORUM-45 Remove the Avatar+Creator columns from the Forums livetable and keep only the Creator column that has the ListOfUsers displayer
  • Closed XAFORUM-43 The WYSIWYG options are all written with capitals instead of first letter with capital and the others with minuscule
  • Closed XAFORUM-23 Broken Comments display for whole wiki


  • Closed XAFORUM-44 Sorting by comments displays wrong result
  • Closed XAFORUM-29 Deleting a comment or an answer doesn't update the counter
  • Closed XAFORUM-27 Services Counter bubble is hidden
  • Closed XAFORUM-25 Missing tooltips for forum's functionality (voting a topic, comments count, topic count)
  • Closed XAFORUM-19 Full Screen edit mode has wrong styling which covers edit area


  • Closed XAFORUM-42 Hide some docs from the ForumCode space
  • Closed XAFORUM-41 Deleting a forum doesn't work as expected
  • Closed XAFORUM-39 Display the creator avatar in the livetable
  • Closed XAFORUM-38 Missing 'Actions' column in the Forums livetable
  • Closed XAFORUM-30 Deleting a Topic triggers a modal popup
  • Closed XAFORUM-28 Broken Modals display for whole wiki
  • Closed XAFORUM-24 Voting on a topic doesn't refresh the counter
  • Closed XAFORUM-20 Sorting by comments and votes hides 'zero-topics'
  • Closed XAFORUM-18 User Avatar leads to wrong link in Forum Application
  • Closed XAFORUM-14 The Permalink button doesn't work for Comments
  • Closed XAFORUM-2 You can vote for a topic without being logged in


Dependencies for this extension ( 2.2.1):

Created by Ludovic Dubost on 2013/12/09 11:01

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