• yang li
    yang li, 2011/11/04 05:10

    It seems that this macro need a little change, the link to flashobject.js and visorFreemind.swf should point to the Macro page instead of current page.

    LaurentDELPLANQUE, 2012/03/22 17:58

    In order to fix the issue mentioned above, I propose to change the first lines of the macro as below

    #set($flashObject = $xwiki.getAttachmentURL($macroDoc, "flashobject.js"))
    #set($visorFreemind = $xwiki.getAttachmentURL($macroDoc, "visorFreemind.swf"))

    It worked for me emoticon_smile

  • Fabio Mancinelli
    Fabio Mancinelli, 2012/03/23 12:12

    I've updated the macro with the patch you suggested. Thanks Laurent!

  • H.-Dirk Schmitt
    H.-Dirk Schmitt, 2012/10/30 16:14

    Would it be a big thing to allow referencing a http(s) location for the mind map
    (e.g. a link to a subversion repository) ?

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