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168 168  [[image:tabs.png||style="border: 1px solid black;"]]
169 169  The editor provides tabs to switch to source editing for advanced users. This tabs are situated right on top of the menu bar if the editor was configured to display them.
170 170  
171 +=== Full screen mode ===
172 +
173 +[[image:FullScreenMode.png]]
174 +
175 +The editor provides a full screen mode to increase the size of the Editing Area. The above green arrows icon is located at the top right corner of the editor. To restore default screen size: simply click again on similar green arrows icon also located at the top right corner when in full screen mode.
176 +
177 +
171 171  === Dialogs ===
172 172  
173 173  Some of the editing features require additional information from the user. This information is taken using dialogs. Most of the dialogs are modal: the user can't edit while the dialog is opened. The editing is prevented using a glass panel so that the user can still see the text from the editing area while the dialog is opened. If the dialog covers a fragment of text the user wants to see then he can move the dialog by dragging it over the screen. In order to speed up the dragging and to allow the user to see as much as possible from the editing area, only the title bar is visible when the dialog is dragged.

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