• JohnCarter
    JohnCarter, 2010/03/11 16:07

    If your editing session has problems, like the dreaded "Exception while parsing HTML", try this.  You can change to the basic wiki editor if you get stuck. It's good to know that you can force the wiki editor on your page by using a URL like edit/Space/Page?editor=wiki . Just add the part after the ? mark to your browser bar. Check any url links, especially in headings. I was frustrated when it seemed my changes were lost, then I hit the back button and they were still there thankfully!  I had a trailing final slash inside a link url that I could not see in WYSISYG mode.  Easy fix, and then save - often! Once you find the problem, both modes work fine again.

    • Sergiu Dumitriu
      Sergiu Dumitriu, 2010/03/11 16:36

      The wiki editor can also appear as an entry in the edit menu if you switch your user profile to Advanced. see PageEditing.

  • flyisland
    flyisland, 2012/09/26 17:17

    I'm about to build an application with the "XWiki Rendering Framework", I'd like to know how to embedded this "WYSIWYG Editor" into my own web application, thanks.

  • Anna Bauer
    Anna Bauer, 2012/10/25 00:58

    I lack a section with a screenshot and description of the "Paste"-button with "Filter Styles" option. It seems like there was a corresponding old function called http://platform.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Features/WysiwygEditor#HRemoveFormatting. However the screenshot should then be updated and perhaps the section should be updated with similar information like the one from the "import office content". 

    "Paste what you've copied from the office application in the text area that you can see on the opened dialog. Notice the "Filter styles" check box in bottom left corner of the dialog. If you want the pasted text to look as much as possible as in your office application then leave the check box unchecked. Otherwise, if you care only about the content and not the text styles then check "Filter styles". This will result in a much cleaner document but the result may look different than in your office application. Click the "Import" button in the end."

    • Marius Dumitru Florea
      Marius Dumitru Florea, 2012/10/26 11:16

      Hi Anna, the Remove Formatting feature is still present and is not related to the Paste feature. The Paste feature has been moved at some point from the Import menu to the tool bar but I forgot to update this page. I'll make sure that it gets fixed.

  • NaG zero
    NaG zero, 2013/11/26 07:16

    when we switch to edit mode in wiki, it displays the wiki source text.
    This is ok for power users, but not for most business users.
    it would be better to display the wysiwyg/"rich text" editor by default. how can I do that?

  • Tomas Cerny
    Tomas Cerny, 2014/08/10 23:00

    We have a wiki farm and one instance got into status that we have there a wrong Wysiwyg editor. It has 2 tabs Wysiwyg and source, but at the same time below these two is preview of the source with numbered lines. Can I reset it or fix the settings, so that it does not show up? It makes a collision upon text editing, so that text does not get updated.. I checked all the WysiwygEditorConfig but did not find any settings :|..
    HTML source class is called "CodeMirror"

  • Tomas Cerny
    Tomas Cerny, 2014/08/10 23:34

    Seems I found it : http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Syntax+Highlighting+Application
    Killed Syntax Highlighting Application and Highlight Macro  which is a pity since it is a cool feature

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