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cogProvides Android client application, XWiki RESTful API and user interface components for Android development
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Chamika Weerasinghe, Thomas Mortagne, Eduard Moraru, Sasinda Premarathna

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LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1


See ideas and work in progress on the Design page.

Why Google Android

Google Android is one of the leading mobile operating system. Today Android market is increasing its downloadable applications rapidly even more faster than Apple iOS App Store. Even though XWiki can be viewed over the Android mobile browser it is more reliable and faster to have a mobile application since it fits the mobile screen and can give more services with an application than an ordinary web based interface.

Those who are interested in Android development go to Android Developer and since we are building Android with maven plugin see also Maven Android plugin

XWiki Android Development APIs and Resources

For Developing Android applications for XWiki following libraries and resources are provided

  1. REST model for simple-xml
  2. REST API for Android
  3. Core APIs for Android
  4. User interface components for Android
  5. Prototype client that uses the above APIs for Demonstration and exploration.

REST model for gson which is a light-weight json parser library for android is also included. But it will not be necessary.

Above APIs and Resources are categorized as follows.

XWiki Android Client App 4,5 
XWiki Android Client Platform1,2,3 

Code Repository:  

XWiki Android Client Application

Download Snapshots
Source Code 
User Guide
Developer Guide

XWiki Android Client Platform

automated build
Platform User Guide 
How To s Guide 
Extending The Platform 
Contributing to XA-Platform 

Client App Snapshots

Sample XWiki Client is a sample application which shows the implementation of xwiki-android-components. It is still developing and here are some of the screen shots of it. You can download Android installation file (.apk) from here

 XWiki navigator
 Page viewer
Objects viewer
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Prerequisites & Installation Instructions


Mobile device running Android OS 2.1 and up.


Download Android Client Application (.apk) file and open it through the mobile device. It will ask for permissions to install. Press ok to continue.

You can download nighly build of the demo application on

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