• Shashidhar Patil
    Shashidhar Patil, 2013/06/26 07:59

    I used the macro as specified here. The display of the pages in the hierarchy and and editing the hierarchy all works fine.

    The only problem I am facing is the pages do not show up as links.

    Could anyone help me with what might be wrong?

  • lflores
    lflores, 2013/07/03 22:56

    Thank you for this extension.
    I have problems to do a list of page of an space that have space on his name.
    I have {{hierarchy space="Custom Wiki" displayvalue="displayTitle" /}} tag, and the plugin list a wrong and unknown list of existent wiki pages from other spaces, but I canĀ“t discover the pattern of listed pages. I just discover that the problem are spaces chars in space's name. Then, if I use your example or other default spaces such as XPoll, XWiki everything works ok. I tried with "Custom+Wiki" name and return void. What is wrong? 

    KUMAR PALREDDY, 2013/07/31 20:09

    I am having the same problem with spaces in the SPACE name.

  • Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2013/10/14 16:51

    This macro doesn't not obey Hidden Docs. It should be modified to use the Query Manager (it's currently using the deprecated xwiki.search() API) and use the hidden filter. See this JIRA issue.

  • 114 Hareketi
    114 Hareketi, 2014/02/03 08:51

    This macro display nothing on myxwiki (XWiki 5.2 currently)

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