• Danilo Oliveira
    Danilo Oliveira, 2014/05/29 22:57

    The xar package is not working. Can you provide the code?

    • Thomas Mortagne
      Thomas Mortagne, 2014/05/30 09:19

      By definition a XAR is a ZIP package with the sources in it and I can open this one without any issue so I there is no reason you can't import it. If the import fail, it would be nice to create an issue on https://jira.xwiki.org with the details as it would be a regression.

    • Clemens Robbenhaar
      Clemens Robbenhaar, 2014/05/30 15:41

      Seems that using "jar" to wrap a *.xar file is no good idea due to the extra  META-INF directory it creates, or whatever ...
      Anyway, I repackaged the macro with "zip" as iframe-macro-1.2.xar. Please retry.

  • Csaba Jónás
    Csaba Jónás, 2018/10/17 11:28

    Hi Thomas,
    There is a link which displays only an empty frame.
    Could you help, please!

    • Clemens Robbenhaar
      Clemens Robbenhaar, 2018/10/25 22:31

      Is this the right link? I only see a question about an unrelated javascript question.

  • Evan Kotara
    Evan Kotara, 2019/07/14 18:25

    Hello, thank you for the extension.
    Is there a recommended way to set the height to 100% of the view window?
    Or better, resize to contents after load?
    Any point in the right direction is appreciated!

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