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  • muriloaj
    muriloaj, 2013/08/27 21:48

    Does anyone can share the sourcecode? i need to do the oposite: migrate from xWiki(syntax 2.1) into doku format. i hope it can works. or anyone have another solution/suggestion?

    • Thomas Mortagne
      Thomas Mortagne, 2013/08/28 13:56

      You have the source code in the XAR itself by definition since it's scripts located in wiki pages.

  • Timo Wolfinger
    Timo Wolfinger, 2013/09/02 12:19

    I downloaded the App on friday, set the Script-Path to the bash scripts. Then i tested with the attached Zip-Archive. However i get the Message:
    $dokuWikiImporter.setScriptPath($scriptPath) $dokuWikiImporter.setRootFolder($rootFolder) $dokuWikiImporter.setDefaultRootSpaceName($defaultRootSpaceName)

    what am I missing? Thanks in advance, Timo

  • Marco Weiß
    Marco Weiß, 2013/11/13 13:42

    i tried this application too but i have the same problem like Timo.
    I use XWiki 5.1. the scripts on the bash are working well but to import it directly into the XWiki would be fine!
    I thought i had zipped the directory the wrong way, but i tried other options and tools from different folder and it is always the same.

    On my logs i get the following error: ERROR o.x.v.i.DefaultVelocityEngine  - Left side ($fileList.size()) of '>' operation has null value at xwiki:Admin.ImportDokuWiki[line 23, column 23] 

    Do i miss some JARs?

    Hope you can give me a hint, Marco

  • Quentin Vendeville
    Quentin Vendeville, 2015/08/05 11:56

    @Timo Wolfinger @Marco Weiß :
    When you include the document, try without the context="new" :

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams, 2017/12/22 12:00


    I Try this application. But the only output I became is:

    admin.importer.importDocs wikiDEBIAN/data/pages/creationpackagesdebian.txt wikiDEBIAN/data/pages/etchverslenny/majdepuisdebianetch.txt wikiDEBIAN/data/pages/etchverslenny/modeles.txt wikiDEBIAN/data/pages/etchverslenny/objectifs.txt wikiDEBIAN/data/pages/etchverslenny/plandecadrage.txt wikiDEBIAN/data/pages/etchverslenny/testoch.txt

    Has anyone an Idea?

    Scriptpath is /tmp/dokuwiki2xwiki2/
    Rights of the Directory: 0775

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