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  • geopcgeo
    geopcgeo, 2013/07/12 10:23

    With this extension when I enabled the option "WHEN TO SYNCHRONIZE LDAP GROUPS" to "At each authentication of a user" we had an issue in which multiple entries of an user is get created in group. 

    When we change value to "Upon creation of a user" the above issue was not there but when we delete user entry from LDAP group this will not affect in XWIKI.

    Please let us know how we can avoid creation of multiple entries in group.

    • Josh Lollar
      Josh Lollar, 2013/12/22 12:29

      I had the same issue but I noticed I was not putting in the fill xwiki group name. Like shown above if the group is "ITGroup" you have to put "XWiki.ITGroup" then it stopped the multiple entries when using "At each authentication of a user".

  • jeremy clement
    jeremy clement, 2014/10/03 14:10

    Hi, I can't install it on xwiki 6.2 :
    Dependency [org.xwiki.rendering:xwiki-rendering-macro-html-6.2.1] is not compatible with core extension [org.xwiki.rendering:xwiki-rendering-macro-html-6.2]
    class org.xwiki.extension.InstallException: Failed to resolve extension
    Any solution ?

    • Thomas Mortagne
      Thomas Mortagne, 2014/10/03 14:12

      If you look at the details of the extension, you have a link at the bottom allowing you to choose exactly which version you want to install.

  • Ilsa Loving
    Ilsa Loving, 2014/10/24 20:48

    Two issues I've noticed with the Admin interface:

    1. It doesn't support LDAPS.
    2. The only authentication options are anonymous bind and fully qualified DN.  What if you want users to authenticate, but they're in different parts of the tree?  
  • Ilsa Loving
    Ilsa Loving, 2014/10/24 20:49

    And apparently your comment system does strange things with numbered lists. emoticon_tongue

    1. Line 1.
    2. Line 2.
    3. Line 3.
    • Vincent Massol
      Vincent Massol, 2014/10/27 09:06

      Hi Ilsa,

      Re numbered list, the problem was that you used the wrong syntax emoticon_wink I've fixed your comments. See the Syntax page/guide for more. Thanks.

  • Virendra Yadav
    Virendra Yadav, 2015/09/02 04:36

    I have two Admins, One Admin(A) is Owner of wiki and other Admin(B) is normal admin. After upgrading to version 7.1.2 Admin(B) is not able to login, but when Admin(A) login in first then the other Admin(B) can login. Even the other users which I create are also facing same login issue. None of my user can login until Admin(A) login for the first time. This looks like a bug to this extension after upgrading to 7.1.2. Why is that Admin(A) has to login first then only other users can login in?

  • Dmitry Bakbardin
    Dmitry Bakbardin, 2015/09/28 15:41

    Be careful with this application. Once you configure it and then change remove it from XWiki - ALL SETTINGS you made in the application will override settings in xwiki.cfg, even with uninstalled application emoticon_unhappy

  • Pomo T
    Pomo T, 2015/11/09 14:14

    There's a typo when hitting the "reset group cache", a wrong message appears, it should be "Groups cache has been reset"

  • Gustavo Domínguez
    Gustavo Domínguez, 2018/07/15 14:02

    It's actually installed under the CONTENT category, then there's the IMPORT option. Might want to fix that. So that's: HAMBURGERMENU> Administer Wiki> Content> Import> Choose File

  • Joyce Markoll
    Joyce Markoll, 2023/04/14 18:18


    I am being testing XWiki on our premices for future deployment in production.

    In the light blue box in this documentation we can read:
    «This application is setting up LDAP for the current wiki only, if you want some LDAP property to apply to the whole farm you should set it in xwiki.cfg (of course you can also set it in each wiki using the application but that's usually a pain).»

    However in the extension manager in our local test install when searching for (and finding) LDAP there was a button “Install on farm”. (Our install runs with XWiki 15.2).
    We haven't setup any secondary wiki, but we installed the LDAP extension anyway. It does not seem to have broken anything but I was in a wonder because of the related information found here.

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