• yyl
    yyl, 2010/03/16 02:59

    For xwiki.authentication.ldap.bind_DN, can also use "[email protected]" as the distinguished name.

  • kirby zhou
    kirby zhou, 2013/12/04 12:03

    About xwiki.authentication.ldap.group_mapping.
    Is there a method to automatically add group in XWiki when I create a group in LDAP system (such as ActiveDirectory) ?
    Each time, I create a ldap group, I have to modify the xwiki.cfg to add mapping and restart the XWiki application.

  • Yuriy Safronov
    Yuriy Safronov, 2019/02/13 08:31

    Tell me, please, on which of your resources can I ask a question about setting up the LDAP Auth?

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