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logo.svg Various tools to produce LaTex content in XWiki


License: GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1

To get started check the LaTeX Exporter documentation.


  • LaTeX Syntax 1.0: Renderer that outputs LaTeX syntax from an XDOM
  • LaTeX Output Filter: Perform the export by generating the XDOM for each page to export and calling the LaTeX Renderer
  • LaTeX Exporter: Export UI, which internally uses the Output Filter to trigger the export

Release Notes

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  • Closed LATEX-87 Labels inside wiki macros are not working


  • Closed LATEX-86 Figure Block should be handled even when not inside a MacroMarkerBlock


  • Closed LATEX-85 LaTeX Generation Broken With XWiki 11.8.1
  • Closed LATEX-83 Unwanted quote in caption when using the figure/figureCaption macros


  • Closed LATEX-82 Figure Macro rendering is fragile and fails on XWiki 10.10 when containing a Table
  • Closed LATEX-81 Info macro can have extra new lines when rendered to LaTeX


  • Closed LATEX-77 Support for small text
  • Closed LATEX-76 Correct translation of less, greater and bar symbol
  • Closed LATEX-74 Preamble 1.8 Has Syntax Error


  • Closed LATEX-65 LaTeX RawBlock should support inline elements
  • Closed LATEX-64 Translate quotes to LaTeX quotes
  • Closed LATEX-63 Allow underscore in IDs
  • Closed LATEX-62 Correct translation of backslash symbol
  • Closed LATEX-57 Horizontal line incorrectly translated


  • Closed LATEX-61 Images file may not contain non-ASCII characters
  • Closed LATEX-60 Underscores in image file names are escaped


  • Closed LATEX-56 Message macros don't support inline usage
  • Closed LATEX-55 Inline code macros not working
  • Closed LATEX-54 New line should not start a new paragraph
  • Closed LATEX-53 xcontext.action doesn't return "latexexport"
  • Closed LATEX-52 Invalid new line "\\" character after id macro
  • Closed LATEX-51 Pages with reserved latex characters in their name generate invalid latex
  • Closed LATEX-50 LaTeX export button text is not consistent with other buttons


  • Closed LATEX-48 Image path references can cause LaTeX compilation errors
  • Closed LATEX-47 Images in table cells generate invalid LaTeX
  • Closed LATEX-46 Use a more standard way to output empty lines
  • Closed LATEX-45 Images located inside {{context}} macros are not exported
  • Closed LATEX-44 Also escape the ampersand character


  • Closed LATEX-43 Add support for exporting document using sheets
  • Closed LATEX-41 Exporting a nested page should produce a zip named after the space name
  • Closed LATEX-35 Refactoring the template bindings so that they're all under the same namespace
  • Closed LATEX-34 Remove support for captions and labels as parameters for Image and Table blocks
  • Closed LATEX-33 Ignore generated numbers when the Numbered Reference transformations are used
  • Closed LATEX-32 Add support for the {{figure}}¬†and {{figureCaption}} macros
  • Closed LATEX-31 Generate chapters for top level headings when the document type is a book
  • Closed LATEX-30 Pass the document type to the Syntax Renderer
  • Closed LATEX-24 Add support for the Container macro
  • Closed LATEX-12 Provide Export options in the UI
  • Closed LATEX-11 Contribute a LaTeX export button in the page export dialog box
  • Closed LATEX-9 Allow users to customize the export's index template


  • Closed LATEX-29 Parameters in a paragraph having an extra new line
  • Closed LATEX-28 Add support for the Reference Macro
  • Closed LATEX-15 Fix attachment link embedding


  • Closed LATEX-26 The messages macro should support wiki syntax
  • Closed LATEX-25 Implement max image size
  • Closed LATEX-23 Add support for labels for captioned tables and images
  • Closed LATEX-22 Have images centered by default
  • Closed LATEX-21 Supports links to current page when there's no label
  • Closed LATEX-20 Convert any link to the current page to a local link
  • Closed LATEX-18 Ignore leading spaces in templates to make them more readable
  • Closed LATEX-13 Handle resized images
  • Closed LATEX-7 Handle Group Block


  • Closed LATEX-19 Add support for styles in footnote content


  • Closed LATEX-10 Add support for footnote macros


  • Closed LATEX-3 Export entry point for LaTex
  • Closed LATEX-2 Export Filter for LaTeX
  • Closed LATEX-1 LaTeX Syntax renderer based on templates
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