• PeerMueller
    PeerMueller, 2010/02/02 14:25

    changed the lightbox's z-index to 1001 so it doesn't get overlapped by the menubar in the new colibri skin (v2.1)

  • constantin rata
    constantin rata, 2010/08/26 11:25

    Hi.After install this macro is only visible to Admin . The other users can't use it. I want to mention that I have installed other macros and I don't have this problem with it.I need some help.

    • Flavius Olaru
      Flavius Olaru, 2010/10/18 15:43

      The visibility of the macro it seems to be set to the current user. To change that go to object editor on XWiki.LightboxMacro and change the Macro visibility property to current wiki or global.

  • stulle
    stulle, 2010/10/21 09:48

    Just realised that this feature is not working very well with PDF Export... if the lightbox is the last item on a page and there is no text after the picture, the picture will not show. Any chance to get this working at some point?

  • Dmitry Bakbardin
    Dmitry Bakbardin, 2011/09/19 11:34

    This macro gives an {{/html}} after picture in inline mode. 

    Just replace

    #if($context.action == 'edit')


    #if($context.action == 'edit' || $context.action == 'inline' )

    and it's fixed. :-) 

    Also it would be nice to add possibility to send class parameter into macro to apply CSS style to the picture directly without additional preformatting by XWiki syntax.
    Thanks for macro.

  • Roman Oli
    Roman Oli, 2021/05/19 18:34

    is it tested on Xwiki 12.x? 

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