• Ludovic Dubost
    Ludovic Dubost, 2012/08/06 17:48

    There is an issue with this extensions since 3.5.x as the livetable backend code was rewritten and the editProperty call has not been modified to take into account the name change of the doc_fullname to doc_fullName. For this extension to work with 3.5.x to 4.1.x (4.2.x will probably be fixed by release time), the XWiki.LiveTableResultsMacros page need to be slightly modified to repeat the doc_fullName variable to doc_fullname (it is also possible to fix macros.vm in the templates directory to call row[doc_fullName] instead of row[doc_fullname] in the livetable macro

  • slaecker
    slaecker, 2015/02/25 12:18

    After installing I wanted to check out the sample usage but the linked page LiveTablePropertyEditorSample doesn't exist.

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