Comments on Livetable Macro

Last modified by Manuel Leduc on 2024/01/04 15:56

  • asolorzano
    asolorzano, 2009/12/08 21:40

    Could you add an example of how to use the LiveTable Macro with external data retrieved with a groovy script? I need to do that but I can't find documentation of how to do it.

  • chenfengmiao
    chenfengmiao, 2011/04/20 07:00

    how can I link two class in a table? Your example only a class in table.

  • Tobias Maier
    Tobias Maier, 2017/11/23 15:16

    is there a way to filter by date? e.g. list all pages, which latest update is more than a year ago? emoticon_smile

  • Andreas Rosenstiel
    Andreas Rosenstiel, 2019/08/16 10:15

    I think the the comment offset starts from 0 in velocity and 1 in javascript  and the four following lines in the Generate new JSON code are wrong respectively not necessary. Can someone confirm, please.

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